The hot seat

Just read a travel article where the writer said that one of his favourite hotel amenities is the heated toilet seat. If you have been to Japan you will have no doubt experienced this for yourself. I just love this guy’s description of his first experience with a Japanese toilet. “Why, I wondered then, had… Continue reading The hot seat

Beach etiquette

Wouldn’t you love to be on a beach now …. somewhere in the Caribbean or perhaps the South Pacific. Sunny, warm, just the sound of the waves. Gosh I am almost asleep as I sit here gazing out the window at the snow and slush outside. At least it is not as cold as it… Continue reading Beach etiquette

The whole world is waiting

Yes that’s right – but not in the way you think. Forget about picturing a world full of wonders, waterfalls, incredible wildlife, bustling cities, ancient empires just waiting, waiting, waiting to be discovered by you. Nope – the whole world is waiting alright – waiting on hold! Believe it or not this was the jingle… Continue reading The whole world is waiting

Naughty or nice

So it is that time of year again. Christmas songs in the background remind us that Santa Claus is going to remember whether we have been naughty or nice. I was on a call with some colleagues in the travel industry and we had a laugh about this. We were discussing which of our suppliers… Continue reading Naughty or nice

Did you say gluten free?

It’s really good that airlines acknowledge these days that food allergies are a real thing. Remember in the days they used to serve nuts with your welcome drink – not any more. They have even gone a step further and now offer special meals such as dairy free, gluten free etc. Of course there will… Continue reading Did you say gluten free?