Could this be the end of the middle seat?

Airlines are now offering flights with the middle seat unoccupied so as to try and maintain some kind of social distancing. It isn’t really far enough apart to constitute the 6 feet needed but better than nothing. In fact for those of us who have flown in crowded planes squashed in the middle seat it… Continue reading Could this be the end of the middle seat?


COMFIER IN THE MIDDLE SEAT? You know I have had my gripes in the past about the middle seat – as I am a “middle seat” person by default.  (Seems I always get that darn seat!)   So imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that a newer and better middle seat design is… Continue reading COMFIER IN THE MIDDLE SEAT?

Middle Seat Woes

It just seems to get worse and worse.  Everyone knows the middle seat sucks.  More often than not you get stuck next to a stranger – sometimes stuck in the middle of two strangers.  Even worse.  Especially arm hogging big strangers.  Do I have to repeat the arm rest rule – Window seats get the… Continue reading Middle Seat Woes

Getting on and getting off in the Human Zoo

We all moan about airport security, body scans, little baggies for our “fluids” and how much time this adds onto the whole commute but really – that is not the worst thing about flying.  There is something about getting on an aircraft that brings out those “Naked Ape” (1) instincts.  First of all there is the… Continue reading Getting on and getting off in the Human Zoo