The airline that doesn’t care

On a recent TV show in the UK a pilot who used to work for Ryanair said that the company “detests” its crew. That’s a bit rough but maybe true. In fact Michael O’Leary the controversial head of Ryanair once described pilots as glorified taxi drivers. The full article is available on the Daily Star… Continue reading The airline that doesn’t care

Top ten airlines – do you agree?

Just announced – the world’s top ten airlines – DRUM ROLL PLEASE – here they are’s top 10 airlines for 2017 1. Air New Zealand 2. Qantas 3. Singapore Airlines 4. Cathay Pacific 5. Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Australia 6. British Airways 7. Etihad Airways 8. All Nippon Airways 9. Eva Air 10. Lufthansa So do… Continue reading Top ten airlines – do you agree?