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Do you roll or do you cube?

Ok I have another question for all you experienced travellers out there.

Do you roll or do you cube?

I am a cuber myself…. Found these packing cubes and loved them – I can never really make sense of doing the roll without getting the whole thing creased.  What I like about the cubes is that everything is packed in individual cubes and packing and unpacking is so much easier.
packing cubes

No one will know what the inside of your suitcase looks like – whether you are a roller or a cuber – that is unless you get stopped going through security and then they have to check your bag.  Then all will be revealed.
Having been told that she couldn't take shampoo on her flight, Gina began frantically washing her hair.

Are you a roller, a cuber – or just a messy disorganized (OMG I forgot my passport/underwear/shoes) sort of person.

messy suitcase

Now these sort of people are more common than you think and they don’t really think of themselves as messy or disorganized.  The chaos that follows them around is not of their making.  It’s just the way they were born – let’s call them creative, imaginative …..

Which of these individuals do you think those guys on Border Patrol would rather have?

Now if they have a cuber then it is pretty easy for them.  Pick out the individual cubes – no need to open them.  You can give them a squeeze generally while you look for suspicious articles.  Rollers on the other hand – not so good.  They are going to have to pick out those roly rolls of shirts and leggings and then you are going to have to re-roll.  Both of these, however, are pretty easy for security to check.

Miss Messy on the other hand is another story.  Security is going to have to claw through pj’s tangled up with hairbrushes, and inside out jeans (probably with holes in them).  The thing is that security probably won’t mind dealing with Miss Messy because she will be beautiful, disarming, creative and imaginative.  Unlike Miss Roller and Miss Cuber.
messy bun

Oh well…….



What to take – what to leave

Don’t you hate packing for a trip.  That is my worst!  I can spend hours, days and weeks researching what to see and the best way to get there.  After all I do that so often for clients that it is second nature to me now when I plan my own trip.  So all the tickets are here – check.  Hotel vouchers – check.  Travel insurance – you bethcha.  Now I have to pack.   Nooooo.  Hate it.  What to take and what to leave.

Ok – so let’s be rational about this.  Just start off by laying everything out on the bed that you think you might need and then you can go through a process of elimination – right?  Easy?


So let’s consider the destination.  Now my next big trip is to India so that will present some packing problems.   I start in Delhi and I am told that I should pack light comfortable clothing that is modest, covering arms and legs.   I wish I could say I would look as cool as Judy Dench

But somehow I don’t think that is going to happen.  I also don’t think I will get there and have a sari made.  That somehow jars.  Makes me think about my days in Swaziland when Peace Corps volunteers would arrive and get so carried away with the local culture that they would dress up in Swazi tribal wear which looks good on a Swazi but not really so much on someone from Ohio or wherever.
No seriously.

The big problem is the “What if’s”.  What if we end up going to a really lovely restaurant – shouldn’t I take some heels.  What if it is really cold when we go to the tiger reserve – should I take my down jacket.  What if it’s too hot.  What if it’s too cold.  I am driving myself crazy here.    So I thought I would do some research online as to the best packing practices.  BIG MISTAKE.  Oh my god.  People actually take photos of their luggage contents in case they lose something.   Believe it or not I found an essential packing list and this was one of the items together with a million other things.  By the time I get all of this in my bag I will be charged for overweight luggage.

I can do this however – I did a 2 week trip through Ireland once just with my carry-on bag.  It was really easy – I took black lulu-lemon with a couple of tshirts and basically wore the same stuff every day and when I got home I burnt everything in a sacrificial fire.  (Just kidding).

Armed and dangerous

Most women when they get to a certain age will find that maybe their arms weren’t what they used to be.  This becomes problematic planning a summer vacation.  I am off to Provence and the weather forecast is wonderful but how to get away with those little sleeveless dresses and batwing arms?

armsAh hah!  Help is at hand.  You can now buy new arms – well arm cover ups to be precise.  Wow what will they think of next.  You can get them in any colour and just slip them under that little sleeveless dress for a complete cover up of Nature’s faults.

Well that’s fine and dandy – now what about the rest?  Easy to cover up the arms.  What about the neck you might ask?

Somehow I think that would be a bit more difficult.  You could go this route –cover up neck

Ummm – maybe not so much.  People might think you had broken something.  Seems it would get awfully hot too.

It just goes to show the lengths we women will go to hide our “little” flaws and why it takes us just a little bit longer in the morning to get dressed.
So in keeping with my mantra of packing light and covering up how about just packing the one essential garment to take you through every occasion.

On the flight

On the flight

On the boat

On the boat

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

All this packing and planning - it's too much!

All this packing and planning – it’s too much!


If this is Hanoi where are my tighty whities?

There lies my suitcase – on the living room floor – and it’s packed.  The remarkable thing about this is that it was packed a good 36 hours before I am due to leave the house and head for the airport.  This must constitute a record.  It is such an amazing occurrence it has been giving me a headache and caused me to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I have finally gone off my rocker!  People, this is an unheard of phenomenon.  I have been known to finish my packing with the taxi waiting at the front door.   This has caused huge distraction and lack of concentration – like the time we drove all the way to Calgary airport and left my bag sitting on the floor of the garage.   Or the time I completely forgot to pack my underwear.  Yes, you try wearing a pair of your husband’s tighty whities under your skirt and see how it feels.

Tighty Whities - or what I would call Y-Fronts

So I am feeling rather smug at the moment – which is not a good thing as I know from experience.  I am heading into untrodden territory – at least for me.  First stop is Hanoi, followed by Ha Long Bay, Siem Reap and the Mekong.  Wow – I feel dizzy at the thought.  Have I really packed the right stuff – maybe I should go through it all just one more time…. just to be sure.

Stop it Lesley – it will be fine.  The bag is packed – let it be….. but just double check you packed your knickers.