Does everybody hate the airlines?

Airlines have had a bad rap lately in the press – battered passengers, stranded kids and drunken pilots.  It’s a wonder anybody is flying at all.  Seems, however, from speaking to colleagues in the industry and reading the travel press, the public is not really going to change its plans – because really – what… Continue reading Does everybody hate the airlines?


Maybe you heard about the two girls denied boarding on a United Airlines flight because they were wearing leggings. After this was reported then Twitter got involved in the act – as it usually does – (“Sad!) Lots of comments were posted by people who said that this was discrimination against these poor girls’… Continue reading ARE YOUR LEGGINGS BEING DISRESPECTFUL

Twits, tweets and putty tats

Following upon yesterday’s blog about the craziness of twitterdom I laughed when I read an article about a twitter account named #unitedairlanes which has nothing to do with United Airlines.  People were sending their Angry Tweets to this handle and getting hilarious replies from the pseudo United rep – ANGRY TWEET – Shout out to… Continue reading Twits, tweets and putty tats