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Now what?

OK – we are all on hold. Isolated in our homes, working remotely, home schooling the kids – going a bit stir crazy. What is your typical trip to the grocery store like right now? Do you follow the arrows? Or perhaps you get mixed up and when you go back to get balsamic vinegar you go the wrong way (against the arrows) thereby risking dirty looks (dare I say slings and arrows? – no that is a bit much).

Do you get a bit judgmental when you are out taking your evening walk? Are those people social distancing? What are those kids doing all riding bikes together – they are surely not from the same household? Our lives have been totally disrupted in every way and in the travel industry we feel this particularly as our world just suddenly got very small and very still.

So how are other people in our industry dealing with this “Brave New World”.

How about the staff on the cruise ships? Someone has to keep the ship maintained. I came across some interesting videos made by some of those “stranded” on board.

And what about those weird meetings we have to have these days on zoom or other video conferencing options. Now one thing I will say about these meetings is that you get to know your fellow workers a little bit better because usually you are seeing them actually in their homes. Admit it, don’t you check out what is going on in the background? If you have a pet of course you are going to include them – and the other people on the call love it.

But you got to know what you are doing. Watch this and you’ll see what I mean….

Clue – watch the caller on the left second from top…..Just look at the faces of the other people on the call. Priceless!

And what about all the flight attendants who are no longer up in the sky dealing with irritable travellers, poopy diapers and people who won’t come out of the toilet? They were probably relieved the first few weeks but maybe they too are missing their jobs? This is how one flight attendant keeps tuned up for the job while she waits to be recalled.

https://youtu.be/kPlR9n_6uas Watch the full video here

So while we “remote” our way through this strange world let’s consider these wise words from Zig Zaglar

My kingdom for a horse

If you are a lover of Shakespeare you will recognise this –

“This famous phrase originally occurred in Act-V, Scene-IV of William Shakespeare’s playRichard III. Here, King Richard III yells out loudly this famous phrase, “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” In the middle of a battle, his horse is killed, while the king wanders to find it in the battlefield for hours, killing everything coming his way with fatalistic rage.” (courtesy Literary Devices).

Kind of reminded me of the viral videos we have all seen of fist fights in supermarkets over toilet rolls. But then the website Literary Devices goes on further with the explanation and it begins to sound even more like toilet roll fights around the world.

“Meaning of My Kingdom for a Horse

The phrase is repeated ironically, when someone needs some insignificant item. Shakespeare shows that the value and importance of things may change suddenly; and simple and unimportant things, like a horse in the battle, could become more important than a whole kingdom. The sense in this line is ironic, as someone wants something insignificant to complete an important task. The king here means that if he does not find his horse, he may lose his kingdom, because in that case he would be either killed or face defeat.”

Well I guess if you want to finish a certain important task then toilet paper is pretty necessary. So does it take a world wide virus for us to start fighting about toilet paper – and – excuse the pun but have we gone soft? As in 4-ply? Anyone who grew up the industrial heart of England will surely remember the squares of newspaper pinned onto the door of the toilet. You could sit there and have a good read (kinda like people do today with their cell phones). The only problem was that you could usually only read the beginning or the end of the story – or sometimes just the middle. Very frustrating – but gave you something to think about.

So this has become our defining moment in the first world – a fight about toilet paper. How would we ever survive in Darfur or Auschwitz?

In every cloud there is a silver lining. People are still travelling in Italy, Spain, Portugal and many other top destinations around the world. Some of these places may not be quite as busy as they usually are – and that is the silver lining – still just a browse of the world’s webcams will reveal that life goes on ….

Madrid at the time of writing this

I first visited Egypt just after tourism had been driven to an all time low. The river cruise ships on the Nile were parked and covered with tarps and the cruise ship which would normally take 120 people had only 25. We had the BEST time ever. Imagine being in the Valley of the Kings with just your small group of 10 people. You could really feel the magic. And then…. we got the chance to visit Tutankhamen’s tomb. Just the two of us. We were alone in the tomb with King Tut! Imagine that! Had we gone at another time we would have faced this ….

There’s something to be said for travelling at a time like this – with or without toilet paper!