I was going to call this blog “Just a little prick” but then I thought that it could well be blocked on multiple levels. You see my newsletter usually bears the title of my current blog and I can just imagine people getting an email coming in to work with a subject like that. They might think it is about their boss …. JUST KIDDING!!!

It has been a couple of years of pricks … I mean the vaccination kind … not those others ones (you know, people who behave like jerks). Once you start adding up the covid vaccinations and the flu vaccinations not to mention shingles et al. It’s quite a lot. Just recently they brought out the covid vaccination for kids so an appointment was made for my grandson to go and get his vaccination. Now it was not the first vaccination he had ever had, obviously. However, it was probably the first vaccination that he really was conscious of having. And boy he was on his best behaviour, just smiling and charming the doctor. He didn’t even notice the needle and after his shot …. well about 3 seconds after …. he suddenly realised and shouted indignantly “You pinched me!”.

Oh dear – just one of those life lessons.

All through the covid pandemic we saw images of famous people having the shot – but that’s nothing new. I found this image which really made me chuckle

I think he is going to shout “You pinched me!!” – just look at his face.

I can remember a time when instead of getting injections we got some sort of vaccine drops on sugar cubes. This was quite a treat and I clearly remember one of the boys in my class doubling back so he could get another dose. Wonder how he is today? I think that was for polio – maybe they should have given Elvis a sugar cube. Might have changed his expression a bit.

Of course there are lots of different pricks … there are those that make us beautiful as well ….. like botox and fillers …. Well that is a matter of opinion I guess. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

I heard someone describe these as baboon-bum lips. Ouch – you pinched me indeed. That looks sore.

And then there are those shots that you have to have if you want to travel. Yellow fever – had that. Cholera – ugh that is a nasty one – I have not come across many people who have had that one but we needed it when we had a bad outbreak of Cholera in Swaziland, southern Africa. Really hurt. I guess having Cholera would have hurt more. So where’s the best place for an injection that won’t hurt too much. I read a scientific article that said it used to be thought injecting into the buttocks was the best way – but now they realise that there is too much fat in that area (no kidding) so it is better to have an injection into a more muscular area of the body. So if you happen to be going for any kind of injection in the next little while better increase the weight training a bit and pump up those muscles.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


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