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Just doing carry-on …. I did it once before and I am going to do it again.

Travel to Europe for two weeks just with carry-on.  Now you might be saying to yourself – big deal – I have done that tons of times but I know out there among you all there are those who cannot leave home without a whacking big suitcase (and that’s just for a weekend).

So first of all why am I going to do this?  Well a two-week trip to Europe comprised of hotel stays, a cruise, trains, taxis and ferries and a hotel on Lake Como that has 37 cobbled steps leading up to it….

Yup.  That sounds like a good enough reason.  I think it will be a good personal lesson in self-restraint.  Do I really need 6 pairs of shoes?  A different outfit every night?  Really?  The people I am travelling with are family. They have seen me at my worst …. Believe me.

The rest – strangers – ships that pass in the night.  They will never see me again and vice versa.

Next – how am I going to do this.  Packing cubes, wrinkle-resist material and Lululemons and more Lululemons.  A couple of colourful shawls – sparkly Croc flip flops and a good pair of Sketchers.  That should do it?

Oh – but I shouldn’t forget my running shoes just in case, and my swim suit and then maybe a rain jacket, just in case, and a warmer cover-up for the evenings – just in case.  You see what happens.  It just keeps piling up so I am going to have to work very hard at this.  It’s the “just in case” that prevents me from reaching my goal.  How many times have you unpacked unworn clothing after a trip.  You took it along – just in case – dragged it onto cruises, flights, trains and taxis and then brought it all the way home again – UNWORN!

My last carry-on trip worked quite well – two weeks in Ireland on a self drive vacation with a teeny carry on suitcase.  I was quite proud of myself but I also wanted to throw up when I unpacked my clothes at home.  I was so sick of the sight of them.


There is something so liberating about being able to walk off your flight and right out the doors of the airport into a taxi.  No hanging around waiting endlessly for the case on the carousel – just out the door and on my way.  I have also had the experience of travelling with a larger case on European trains.  Yes it can be done but if you are going to catch as many trains as we are then I would rather not.


So all I am worrying about now is getting on the plane in time to get an overhead bin (or two) and a place to put my hat!
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Premium economy is here to stay

It doesn’t look like much – just a few inches – but it can make a huge difference to your comfort on the next flight.  Airlines have realised that too – as they continue to squash bums into seats they have realised that those few little inches have become a money making option.

So what does it cost to upgrade to premium economy?  Well it is going to depend on your airline and route – just recently I paid around $200 extra for my KLM flight (that’s per segment) going overseas.    On multiple segment international itineraries you may find the upgrade costs could mount up to over $1800 per person.

So booking a premium economy seat is OK if you can afford it – if you can’t you may end up stuck next to a larger person who is pretty much enjoying your seat as well as their own.  A recent court case is on the go where a traveller is suing Etihad Airlines for depriving him of his comfort on his flight and causing him back problems.  It is easy to sympathise with him – also easy to sympathise with the larger person travelling on the flight.  Clearly airlines are going to have to start addressing this issue.

The other problem is that not all business classes are created equally.  Some offer lie flat beds – other offer albeit large seats that recline a lot but still leave you crumpled in a little bundle at the end of your seat.  It’s like sleeping on a hill!

Another cause of concern is the charge for baggage.  It’s a  nice little income stream for the airlines but it is causing non stop problems on flights where passengers take “carry on” to new limits.  We have all seen it.  One carry on and one personal items turns into two HUGE bags.  Sometimes you have to check that bag at the last minute – despite it containing fragile or valuables.