Appreciate the world

When we do start travelling again I think there is going to be a new appreciation of our world. We have seen fires, floods and earthquakes, not to mention the dreaded plague – COVID 19. Once we get this under control, which we will, I think we will look at the world through different eyes.… Continue reading Appreciate the world

Do you remember….?

I wonder if you remember your first vacation? Or perhaps you were one of those poor kids dragged around Disney in a stroller not really understanding what the heck was going on. It always makes me chuckle how Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth – so why are all the kids… Continue reading Do you remember….?

My kingdom for a horse

If you are a lover of Shakespeare you will recognise this – “This famous phrase originally occurred in Act-V, Scene-IV of William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III. Here, King Richard III yells out loudly this famous phrase, “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” In the middle of a battle, his horse is killed, while the king wanders to find… Continue reading My kingdom for a horse