Sea days

Regular cruisers love sea days – and as a regular cruiser I must say that I absolutely love them. Don’t get me wrong – I love visiting new ports- and old favourite ones – but there is something about being in the middle of the ocean with the whole day ahead of you that I… Continue reading Sea days

There’s a strong wind blowing…

What to do?  It’s hurricane season and they are coming fast and furious this year.  For the poor people whose homes are hit by hurricanes of course this is a calamity beyond compare – however being in the travel industry hurricanes bring their own chaos to airlines, hotels and ships. So what to do if… Continue reading There’s a strong wind blowing…


I read an interesting article about Blackbeard the pirate.  I am sure you have heard of him but did you know that he was quite ahead of his time with regard to marketing? Even today his name is recognized as being a fearsome pirate.  Maybe Johnny Depp used his character as inspiration for his role… Continue reading WHAT’S IN A NAME

Are they getting bigger or smaller?

Ships that is!  A listing of the new ships coming on stream for 2016 is an interesting read.  In the past few years the trend was the bigger the better.  Back in 2010 the Oasis class of ship by Royal Caribbean boasted a capacity of up to 6296 passengers.   That’s just slightly less than… Continue reading Are they getting bigger or smaller?