Appreciate the world

When we do start travelling again I think there is going to be a new appreciation of our world. We have seen fires, floods and earthquakes, not to mention the dreaded plague – COVID 19. Once we get this under control, which we will, I think we will look at the world through different eyes.… Continue reading Appreciate the world

Nature’s sense of humour

  Many people travel to experience Nature’s wonders – the migration of the Serengeti, the gorillas of Rwanda, the penguins of Antarctica, the amazing waterfalls, mountains and forests of this world.  But sometimes we think that we are the traveller going to experience Nature – we are in control of where we go and what… Continue reading Nature’s sense of humour

I used to be Snow White but then I drifted away

“I used to be Snow White but then I drifted away” – Mae West I don’t know about you but I am so tired of the snow and wish it would all drift away.  I am sure the only people who want the snow around are those who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other such sports… Continue reading I used to be Snow White but then I drifted away