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Funny travel stories

Oh boy – what a year! Thank you to all these intrepid travellers who gave us a chuckle during the year –

Ever worried about your belongings when they go through the x-ray machine? No problem – just buy a companion ticket and enjoy the ride

As seen at a train station in China. The lady was worried about putting her valuables through the x-ray so she just went along for the ride. Now I don’t know about you but I always try to avoid xrays as much as possible but then you never know what might happen to your bag when you are in there!!

Do you like going to the zoo? Would you travel all the way to this zoo in England?

The attraction at Exotic Zoo in Telford, Shropshire, cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and had been hotly anticipated — but can you see what was wrong with it? The penguins are fake!!!

Thinking of going on safari? Then do it properly and go to Africa – not a Safari Park…. because look what happened in Crimea. Visitors had a frightening experience when their buggy was charged by a lion …

Scary experience – right? Don’t worry – it has a happy ending. This two year old lion just wanted some cuddles.

And I love this story that was posted in Open Jaw – ladies – can you pee in a plastic bag?

“Airplane bathrooms can be an awkward place for some, but backed-up passengers rarely ever consider the unpleasant alternative. As Aristotle once wrote: “when you got to go, you got to go.” Unfortunately, during a long flight when an airplane’s toilets fail – things get messy.

This was a lesson that some unlucky Pax learned aboard a recent American Airlines flight when they were asked by cabin crew to pee into plastic bags and bottles. The incident occurred after the toilet became backed up during a six-hour AA flight from Phoenix, Az. to Kona, Hawaii.

Women in need were assigned bags, while men received bottles. The problem was created after one dumb passenger had attempted to flush a diaper down one of the plane’s toilets. The resulting clog forced the cabin crew to lock down the bathrooms and implement the plastic alternative.  “

Silly ladies – they should have been prepared with their own Shewee in their bags …. and guess what? It’s on sale ladies- pre Boxing Day sale 40% off.

He’s got baggage…

a rather big suitcase and guess who is inside it?  His wife.  What???

Yes they were travelling by train from Moscow to Nice.  That’s 47 hours of train travel.  A long long time to be in a suitcase.   As they entered Poland the border guards inspected the case  and they were totally taken aback to find a 30 year old woman inside.  And why I hear you ask.  Not to save the money on the train fare.  Nope.  She didn’t have a passport.  What she didn’t know was that she didn’t need a passport to enter Poland.   Oh well – there’s one born every minute.

Then there’s the lady who decided to have a few puffs on a US domestic flight while waiting for take off.  Quite brazen she was and then when the flight attendant asked her what the heck she was doing she blamed the guy sitting next to her.  Of course these days nothing is private so the whole incident was filmed by a fellow passenger.
Check it out here

And finally the tip of the week – how to avoid those excess luggage charges.  Just do what these lads did when they found they would have to pay $130 in excess luggage.  They just opened their bags and put on layers and layers of extra clothes, shoes tucked  into waistbands, several hats.
The flyers. Picture: Stou Sandalski

But…. it might have backfired on them because the flight attendant accompanied them to the door of the aircraft to make sure they wore all of these clothes the whole way home.  I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it!