The ultimate whine…..

…….every two minutes, every waking hour, every day – for a month! The new runway at O’Hare has some people over-worked up. The Chicago Department of Information reports that in one month last year, one obsessive with no life lodged 11,155 complaints about O’Hare Airport noise. Assuming that he or she was awake and at… Continue reading The ultimate whine…..

Feliz Navidad – and get out of my way

Yeah – the Christmas spirit sometimes doesn’t spread to the airport.  This weekend the airports all over the world will be packed to capacity, flights will be late, people will get bumped and sooner or later the question will be asked “Are we having fun yet?”  It’s just a fact of life that travel over… Continue reading Feliz Navidad – and get out of my way

Airport etiquette and strange sights

Honestly, airports bring out the worst in me.  What is it about an airport that turns ordinary sensible intelligent human beings into zombie like creatures who wander around aimlessly and get  in the way.  My pet peeves – Checking the arrivals / departures board – Don’t stand right in front of the board so that nobody… Continue reading Airport etiquette and strange sights