A load of horse

I think that there are better ways to describe myself than that – but of course I am not the one at the keyboard but merely the subject of this woman’s blog. You see my name is Neopolitan Nima and I am one of the world famous Lippizaner Stallions and I currently reside in Vienna.… Continue reading A load of horse

Dressing up

You know when you are going to a conference or some kind of special birthday and someone says “Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s have a fun evening where we all dress up Western/Disco/70’s/20’s or some other era. I can guarantee that there are a few members of that group who think to themselves… Continue reading Dressing up

Sleepy head

My closet talk this morning got me thinking about sleep and how important it is. Didn’t see my closet talk – here you go! Every year at this time we talk about the time change and how it messes up our schedule so what happens when we fly to the other side of the world… Continue reading Sleepy head

New flavours

So it seems that our taste for potato chips is getting very sophisticated. But before we go any further on that topic I have to clear something up. Chips (to me) are what you call fries and what you call chips would be crisps. Very confusing. Also is there anybody out there who remembers the… Continue reading New flavours

New travel rules

Just listened to the press conference. I will be posting a full update of the new rules and regulations – just want to get it in writing first. The good news is that the Government advisory to avoid non essential travel is being lifted – and I am happy to hear that. This past two… Continue reading New travel rules

To test or not to test

That is the question…..we are all asking. Canada is the only G7 country to require pre-entry testing from fully vaxxed citizens. But let’s talk about testing. The rapid antigen test…. did you manage to get hold of a few? They were in demand that’s for sure. When the announcement was first made long line ups… Continue reading To test or not to test

Cool runnings

Wasn’t that a great movie? And isn’t it wonderful to see that Jamaica is sending a bobsled team to the Olympics – helped out by Sandals resorts who are covering travel costs and other assistance to make sure the team can compete. The film aired in 1993 and at that time I was living in… Continue reading Cool runnings