Tummy travel

When you plan a trip do you think specifically about what you can eat when you are there? There are certain parts of the world that are renowned for particular dishes or types of food. So how far would you travel for your favourite dish? Some call it Food Travel or Food Tourism but it… Continue reading Tummy travel

Queen for a day

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth has certainly been in our thoughts lately – and what a reign she had – imagine 70 years of being Queen. It is a huge job! But it got me to thinking about when I had the chance to be a queen – for a day. Let me… Continue reading Queen for a day

Sea legs?

Are you a good sailor or are you one of the unfortunates that suffer from motion sickness? Back in the day, there wasn’t much you could do about that. Famous people who you wouldn’t imagine being seasick include none other than Horatio Nelson. Very difficult if you make your career as an Admiral in the… Continue reading Sea legs?