Visiting the ships’ graveyard

I really didn’t think this would be on the itinerary – after all my focus was on a cruise that took us from Durban South Africa all along the Mozambique coast, through the Mozambique channel and up to the beautiful islands of the Seychelles. Just looking at the map you could see that this would… Continue reading Visiting the ships’ graveyard


Sailing away

Oh I just can see myself – sitting on the deck with a glass of wine watching the crew winching up the sails. We have chugged away quite successfully from the port and now that there is a bit of a wind the Captain has decided we can go under sail. Actually even if there… Continue reading Sailing away

The leaning tower of … where??

We have all heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – and no doubt have seen many of those so-called clever selfies positioned in such a way as it looks as if the subject is propping up the tower. OK, the first couple of hundred were funny but enough already! But what about the Leaning… Continue reading The leaning tower of … where??

Too many photos

With this period of non-travel and lock down I thought it would be a great idea to organise my photos and maybe scan them and keep digital copies. Well talk about how to lose hours of your day into a black hole. If you are going to scan photos you should put a caption on… Continue reading Too many photos

Go on – have a good cry!

Really I mean it. Nothing like a good old cry – the sort of cry that leaves you with your eyes swollen and your nosy runny! Apparently it is really good for you. So good in fact that there are even special tours in Japan that teach you rui-katsu which literally means tear-seeking. This is… Continue reading Go on – have a good cry!


My check list

When I refer to my check list I am not talking about a list like Santa’s – Naughty or Nice – mind you that might not be a bad thing to have these days. After all these months of COVID and now the lockdown I bet there are some real beauts on this list. People… Continue reading My check list