All about the view

When you cruise (if you cruise) do you like to have a view of the ocean as you sail. Well yes, most people would say, but not everyone. Some people don’t care what the view is and just concentrate on the price. First of all let’s look at the staterooms. (By the way it is… Continue reading All about the view

Wait for it

Yep – it is the waiting game all over again at airports around the world. The travel surge we all predicted is here but there are just not enough people to manage the crowds and people are getting fed up. You may have read about the ex-NHL star Ryan Whitney who had an atrocious experience… Continue reading Wait for it

Bring on the dogs

Doing a covid test is something most people by now have done. The rapid test at home that you don’t quite believe and the gold standard PCR test which unfortunately takes a bit longer to get the result. The biggest concern for most people is that covid can be spread by travellers. Now, as a… Continue reading Bring on the dogs


Oh to be famous!

These days there are no ends to the limits that social media kings and queens will go to in order to get a few extra followers. Gone are the days when you would travel half way around the world only to post pictures on facebook of your meal or – of course – smiling into… Continue reading Oh to be famous!

Remember when?

Had a good laugh the other day with a senior member of the travel industry. We were talking about technology and how that has changed the way we travel and indeed the way we live. It seems such a short while ago that getting an email address was a new thing and now the kids… Continue reading Remember when?