Language problems

Yes there are lots of language problems these days – and I am not talking about foreign languages but good old English. Seems that over the years popular phrases and expressions get “adopted” into the mainstream which are totally incorrect but because we hear it so often it begins to sound correct and has wiggled… Continue reading Language problems

It’s garden season

I have learnt that in Canada nothing can happen until the May long weekend. After having lived here for 25 years I understand this and in fact today made a decision that I will continue to wear my boots until the long weekend because you just never know what is going to happen. It could… Continue reading It’s garden season

The most over-rated travel experiences

You know we have all been dreaming of the day we can travel again. Just going through old photos of past trips makes me sigh. Oh gosh, remember that wonderful little cafe at Bellagio on Lake Como? Oh my goodness, every night we had sundowners there – crisp sparkling prosecco and complimentary snacks. And then… Continue reading The most over-rated travel experiences

Inside my closet

Have you joined me in my closet yet? No? Please don’t delay. You are missing out on some of my most profound musings (joking). But why the closet? Well from a sound perspective it works beautifully. It is a small well sound proofed room and successfully cuts out the echo. I got that hint from… Continue reading Inside my closet