Things that go bump in the night

Yes it is that time of year again – Halloween Why do we love the scary stuff in life?  Some of the creepiest things you can imagine are “tourist attractions”.  Let’s take the Capuchin Monastery in Taormina.  We did a little visit there once and when we got to the entrance of the crypt our… Continue reading Things that go bump in the night

Boo to you too!

Is it just  me?  I just don’t get this Halloween stuff.  My grandkids would kill me.  (Well that would be a real Halloweeny kind of thing to do!)  They love the dressing up and of course the candy. What got me thinking about this was on my walk today around Lake Bonavista.  One of the… Continue reading Boo to you too!


A shattered bottle of champagne encased in a glass showcase drew my attention. This was the original bottle used to christen the Broadmoor Hotel back in 1918. It’s a nice thought but it did look sort of creepy. Which was totally appropriate seeing as this was the place I was going to celebrate Halloween.  Also… Continue reading Untitled