Being ticked off

Now when I thought about writing this blog I thought that was a great title. “Being ticked off” – but then I bethought myself and wondered if this is an expression that is known or even used in Canada. Growing up in the UK and then in South Africa ticked off could be one of… Continue reading Being ticked off

Would you like fries with that?

Trying to decide which country will be the cheapest for your next vacation?  Maybe you should consult the Big Mac Index – the latest evaluation having just been released. Basically the Big Mac index is a comparison of what it would cost to buy a Big Mac (if it was available) in different countries around… Continue reading Would you like fries with that?

Dung beetles and insect cocktails

Now before you freak out let me say that no self-respecting dung beetle is going to find itself inside a cocktail.  Dung beetles are far too important for that.  Their job is to get rid of all the nasty bugs in dung and therefore cut down on the spread of disease in the local animals.… Continue reading Dung beetles and insect cocktails

In a drunken stupor – what not to do in the wild…

Africa seems to be getting more interactive.  Now you can walk with the Lions at Victoria Falls.    Some of my clients have expressed reservation about this activity and I can’t say I blame them having seen these magnificent creatures close up. I recall being in Sabi Sands game reserve on an evening game drive… Continue reading In a drunken stupor – what not to do in the wild…

Air Zimbabwe grounded

Well – that’s a surprise… not. Bob, as Robert Mugabe is “affectionately” known, has run Zimbabwe like his own personal fiefdom.  His family’s lavish shopping trips to Harrods are well-known while at home in Zimbabwe people starved.  We had stopped booking Air Zimbabwe long ago because of the unpredictability of the flights.  Schedules were ignored when the… Continue reading Air Zimbabwe grounded