Travel rules

I actually wanted to talk about the different rules in effect all around the world but looking at that headline I think that is awesome – travel does rule. It is one of the most stimulating, illuminating, annoying, satisfying, and frustrating experiences of our lives – and we just keep doing it. No, I wanted… Continue reading Travel rules

Why tourists are not loved

Anyone who has ever lived in a touristy town or city knows that incoming tourism is very important for the economy. It is what keeps small business going – but my goodness, we tourists have done a horrible job of behaving ourselves. But then along came COVID. Travel stopped. Cities breathed. Waters cleared. Local residents… Continue reading Why tourists are not loved

It’s like riding a bike…

You never forget, right?  I guess that is true for last week was the second time in probably forty years I have ridden a bike.  Although I was a bit nervous at first, having an expert on hand to fit me to the right size bike was certainly handy.  When I had used one of… Continue reading It’s like riding a bike…

Going Dutch

Sharing the bill – paying your part – going Dutch as it is known.  My Dutch friends joke that they have earned their reputation of being … well let’s call it frugal.  Taking a close up look at the Dutch and their history makes you think twice about calling them frugal.  After all many Dutch… Continue reading Going Dutch