I swear it’s the truth

Do you believe everything you read online? No – of course you don’t. More and more these days we are exposed to “fake news” on social media, false advertising and let’s not even talk about some of those “newspapers” you see at the check out in the supermarket. Where the heck do they get the… Continue reading I swear it’s the truth

It’s just getting harder

Nothing is easy these days.  Remember in the early days of the internet – wow this was going to be a Brave New World.  Everything was going to be just within a click – connecting with friends, doing business at the speed of light, shopping online, spending money without ever leaving the house or office.… Continue reading It’s just getting harder

Are you being ripped off?

Well  M. Joy Hayes PhD. of MotleyFool.com thinks you might be. She reported that consumers “Turik and Balk are seeking class action status for a lawsuit alleging that these travel sites, as well as Priceline (PCLN) and others, not only failed to offer consumers the best deals, but actually conspired with several large hotel chains to fix… Continue reading Are you being ripped off?