Scared of snakes?

Are you scared of snakes? Lots of people are. It’s called ophidiophobia and scientists say that this might be a kind of evolutionary response going way back. After all, some snakes can be deadly and others can give a really sore bite. Snakes have always been depicted as being evil So it is no wonder… Continue reading Scared of snakes?

This is a biting question!

Mosquitoes are strange creatures. It seems that there are different varieties all over the world with very different patterns of behaviour. Now you would think that they would be worse in hot tropical locations – but that is not my experience.  I grew up in South Africa and of course mosquitoes are very common there. … Continue reading This is a biting question!

Bloodsucking airlines

Well the bugs on the airline anyway – apparently Ryan Air had to fumigate one of their aircraft when ticks were discovered on board.  I am sure that all sorts of bugs are found on planes…. probably  hanging about for those half eaten sandwiches stuffed down the seat back magazine holder.  Ticks are particularly nasty however. … Continue reading Bloodsucking airlines