Oh to be famous!

These days there are no ends to the limits that social media kings and queens will go to in order to get a few extra followers. Gone are the days when you would travel half way around the world only to post pictures on facebook of your meal or – of course – smiling into… Continue reading Oh to be famous!

A load of horse

I think that there are better ways to describe myself than that – but of course I am not the one at the keyboard but merely the subject of this woman’s blog. You see my name is Neopolitan Nima and I am one of the world famous Lippizaner Stallions and I currently reside in Vienna.… Continue reading A load of horse

To test or not to test

That is the question…..we are all asking. Canada is the only G7 country to require pre-entry testing from fully vaxxed citizens. But let’s talk about testing. The rapid antigen test…. did you manage to get hold of a few? They were in demand that’s for sure. When the announcement was first made long line ups… Continue reading To test or not to test

Up your game Karen!

Don’t you love it how sports sayings and expressions have made their way into our general conversation. I honestly don’t understand the game of baseball (it wasn’t exactly popular in South Africa) but yes, I use the expression “touch base” with gay abandon. Honestly, I still really don’t know what it means from a baseball… Continue reading Up your game Karen!

Avoid non-essential travel

You may have come across this advisory – “Avoid non-essential travel”.  It is currently in place at the moment with regard to parts of Egypt (to name but one destination).  It is wise to take notice of this advisories but I had to chuckle at one of our more adventurous clients who is currently planning… Continue reading Avoid non-essential travel