Naughty or nice

So it is that time of year again. Christmas songs in the background remind us that Santa Claus is going to remember whether we have been naughty or nice. I was on a call with some colleagues in the travel industry and we had a laugh about this. We were discussing which of our suppliers… Continue reading Naughty or nice

When Santa’s suit is just too hot!

Pity the poor Santas in warm places around the world.  Those big boots, the hat, the beard.  Imagine doing that in temperatures of 30 degrees.  But it happens – every single year.  Growing up in South Africa it was common to see Santa on the street in front of the malls ringing his bell and… Continue reading When Santa’s suit is just too hot!

Back off Grinch…. I got some Christmas to do!

Long line up at the cash register …. No parking at the mall …. High interest on the credit card ….. 5 pounds extra on the scale …. Huge piles of gift wrap for recycling …. Lists, lists and more lists ….. Too late for Canada Post …. Too expensive by Fedex … Too tired… Continue reading Back off Grinch…. I got some Christmas to do!

My Christmas tree is planning a break out…

I turned over a new leaf this year – buried my Scrooge like attitudes and behaviour – went out and bought a real Christmas Tree.  I thought all would be fine.  But strange things are happening in my house. First of all this tree is thirsty – it drinks up to four litres of water… Continue reading My Christmas tree is planning a break out…


It’s supposed to be the season of good will.  The season when we do the right thing – tell the truth, remember to say thank you, think of others.  It doesn’t always work that way.  Take the Christmas letter – you know – that annual letter that is typed out and popped into the Christmas cards.  What is it… Continue reading CHRISTMAS LIES

Is it over yet…. pleeeeze

Next Christmas I am definitely heading out of town – somewhere hot would be nice.  A beach, a margarita and Feliz Navidad would suit me just fine.  I know it is a crazy time to travel – that’s what I tell my clients.  Everything is overpriced and overcrowded.  Airline staff are grumpy, baggage handlers unreliable and there is… Continue reading Is it over yet…. pleeeeze