Back on the high seas

Oh what a week that was! I flew to Barbados last week to board the beautiful Seabourn Odyssey for a week of cruising around some of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean. Now before you say anything I know there is a travel advisory level 4 – do not cruise. But this was work.… Continue reading Back on the high seas

There’s always a VIP

Also known as a Very Ignorant Person.   I encountered one on the flight from Barbados to Toronto.  Because Toronto airport is so short staffed and to protect against too many people in an enclosed space our disembarkation was what they called “metered”.  So first off the plane were all those with connections (and they… Continue reading There’s always a VIP

Secret travel

After all the travel shaming that took place last year many people just don’t want to discuss their travel arrangements lest someone will get mad at them. So travel takes place in secret, which is a shame, because there is nothing better than chatting with people about your travel plans, getting tips and advice (that… Continue reading Secret travel

I am smiling

A smile can do so much and say so much. There are many different kinds of smile. The brave smile when something awful has happened but you have to face the world. The sarcastic smile when you want to convey that you don’t agree with someone. The false smile – you know – the one… Continue reading I am smiling

Appreciate the world

When we do start travelling again I think there is going to be a new appreciation of our world. We have seen fires, floods and earthquakes, not to mention the dreaded plague – COVID 19. Once we get this under control, which we will, I think we will look at the world through different eyes.… Continue reading Appreciate the world

The sound of seagulls

Growing up, as I did, on the west coast of England the sound of seagulls was very common. They seemed to thrive in all sorts of conditions but especially loved the summer holidays when those “inland” people would come down to Cornwall for their seaside fix. These visitors didn’t really know about how crafty the… Continue reading The sound of seagulls