Queen for a day

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth has certainly been in our thoughts lately – and what a reign she had – imagine 70 years of being Queen. It is a huge job! But it got me to thinking about when I had the chance to be a queen – for a day. Let me… Continue reading Queen for a day

Sea legs?

Are you a good sailor or are you one of the unfortunates that suffer from motion sickness? Back in the day, there wasn’t much you could do about that. Famous people who you wouldn’t imagine being seasick include none other than Horatio Nelson. Very difficult if you make your career as an Admiral in the… Continue reading Sea legs?

Scared of snakes?

Are you scared of snakes? Lots of people are. It’s called ophidiophobia and scientists say that this might be a kind of evolutionary response going way back. After all, some snakes can be deadly and others can give a really sore bite. Snakes have always been depicted as being evil So it is no wonder… Continue reading Scared of snakes?

That’s cheezy!

So now Greece says nobody can use the name Feta for their cheese, even if it is Feta. But if it is made outside of Greece it is not Feta. As Reuters reports, Greece took Denmark to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg to defend its exclusive right to use the… Continue reading That’s cheezy!

Taking a selfie

Do you know how to do this properly?? You better learn before your next vacation. This is a whole science and those of us who were born before the year 2000 have no bloody idea how to do this. Let’s face it. Lots of us went on vacation with a camera and a roll of… Continue reading Taking a selfie

Cowboys in a country far far away

It’s Stampede time again and this year it is in full force – the weather is beautiful and everyone is hollering a collective Yahoo! Cowboy boots are out of storage, and hats are being dusted off. But for those who are not from Canada, or indeed North America, the cowboy culture might seem a little… Continue reading Cowboys in a country far far away