2022 Idiots

Wow, there were certainly lots of travel incidents that took place during 2022 – and I am not talking about schedule delays, lost luggage or cancelled flights. Some people worked hard to get Idiot of the Year Award – and the Globe and Mail compiled a list of some of the most hilarious and unbelievable… Continue reading 2022 Idiots

Sea days

Regular cruisers love sea days – and as a regular cruiser I must say that I absolutely love them. Don’t get me wrong – I love visiting new ports- and old favourite ones – but there is something about being in the middle of the ocean with the whole day ahead of you that I… Continue reading Sea days

Tipping point

When to tip and when not to tip. This is a dilemma that affects us all – whether we are travelling or not. It is pretty much expected that we should tip these days but the argument is that the customer shouldn’t have to subsidize wages. The reason we tip is because the minimum wage… Continue reading Tipping point

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Santa’s vacation

Oh man, I am very tired, thought Santa. It was THAT time of year again and it always seemed to be the same old thing. Trying to organise those elves was a nightmare. These young elves – Millenials or whatever they are called these days – just have no idea of how to do a… Continue reading Santa’s vacation

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Travel rules

I actually wanted to talk about the different rules in effect all around the world but looking at that headline I think that is awesome – travel does rule. It is one of the most stimulating, illuminating, annoying, satisfying, and frustrating experiences of our lives – and we just keep doing it. No, I wanted… Continue reading Travel rules


I was going to call this blog “Just a little prick” but then I thought that it could well be blocked on multiple levels. You see my newsletter usually bears the title of my current blog and I can just imagine people getting an email coming in to work with a subject like that. They… Continue reading Ouch…