About Lesley

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the booming oil town of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News of Global TV, Calgary’s primary morning TV show. Widely known as “The Travel Lady” she is recognised as the leading vacation expert in southern Alberta. 

Born in England, Lesley grew up in South Africa. She has toured most of Southern Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands, Europe and Asia.  Since arriving in Calgary 15 years ago she has extended her knowledge by exploring the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific and Australia.  She has a passion for travel and says she has the best job in Calgary.

She is frequently interviewed on travel matters by CBC National TV, CBC Radio, 660 News, Global National and other radio and TV programs in Canada. She is also an invited contributor to well known magazines such as Chatelaine and Calgary’s Child and edits her own newsletter sent out to over 10 000 subscribers every week..

She has been a regular speaker on travel at Canada’s largest bookstore chain Chapters and an invited lecturer at the University and at Calgary Library Services. She is also frequently invited to review new vacation destinations, resorts and cruise ships. Within this busy schedule she still finds time to be the president of an award-winning leisure travel company in Calgary.


    1. Born in the Midlands – Birmingham to be precise. Fortunately my dad was in the navy so I never developed the Brummie accent.
      Grew up mostly in Cornwall and Somerset. Happy days!


  1. Hello Lesley!
    My name is Ian, and I am a tourism and travel student at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. I have been reading your blog and it’s so exciting to think I’ll be part of this industry in only a few short months!

    I am working on a project now about travel agencies. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to ask you for a few short sentences about how you feel about working for a travel agency. I am planning to put the quotes into a presentation of mine for my “Career Planning” class.

    Thank you so much! I’m enjoying the blog!


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