Do you have a Bora Bora on your bucket list?

The first sighting of Bora Bora is always exciting – the beautiful proudly dominant mountain Otemanu looking down on the multi-coloured seas surrounding the island.  It has become known as a lover’s island and really nowhere could be more romantic.  The smell of frangipani blooms and everywhere flowers;  hibiscus bushes towering over small roadside houses… Continue reading Do you have a Bora Bora on your bucket list?

Laid back Huahine

So this must be what it was like in Hawaii 50 years ago – sleepy little villages, amazing beaches, crystal clear waters all crowned with dense tropical foliage.  Our Paul Gauguin cruise itinerary brought us to the shores of this island to spend a magical day.  We decided against any of the organised excursions and… Continue reading Laid back Huahine

Travel Troubles

Revolutions are not about trifles, but spring from trifles.
Author: Aristotle
Source: Politics (bk. VII, ch. IV)