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You don’t want to live forever do you?

This was the question posed to me when I expressed concern and, yes, fear with regard to kayaking in the open sea off Vancouver Island.  Yes people – open sea.  I am talking about waves or swells so high that the rest of the kayaking group disappear from view.  No, I couldn’t do that.  “Aren’t you scared?” I asked my Irish friend (a veteran mountaineer, adventurer and dare-devil).  “Sure now” he said in his Irish brogue “You don’t want to live forever do you?”.

So I have taken a leaf out of his book and am now meeting my fears head on.  My first uncharacteristic move was to sign up for ziplining  in Costa Rica.  To understand how uncharacteristic this is you have to know that my gym teacher noted on my report one year “Lesley is very heavy on her feet!”.  Yeah I was not a gymnast for sure.   The ziplining was easier than I expected – the worst thing was the adrenalin pumping through my system.  Once that had calmed down a bit I was able to enjoy the incredible views.  Yes I will do that one again.


So I was “gung-ho” as they say in the classics to try out the strenuous hike along the Amalfi Coast known as the Pathway of the Gods.  Actually I was a bit skeptical as to how strenuous it would be seeing as it was a cruise ship excursion.  Hmm – was I ever wrong!  The pathway disappears from time to time into large boulders over which you have to either scramble up or scramble down.
Pathway of the Gods - the climb
Our guide was extremely fit and you couldn’t help feeling that this was just a stroll in the park for him.
Pathway of the Gods - - more climbinin
It was worth every step and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The views were incredible.  I DID IT!

Now my next adventure has me a bit worried.  I have signed up for rappelling in Colorado.  Should I do it?  Should I pull out.  I have had second, third and even fourth thoughts about this.  But what the hell?  None of us get to live forever but while we do we should make it worth while.  Right?  I am right….. aren’t I?  I am not being stupid about this – taking unnecessary risks am I?

Oh shut up Lesley – just go out and do it already!

So who’s a scaredy cat?

scared catMe! So no-one was more surprised than yours truly when I signed up for the Witch’s Rock Canopy Zip line tour in Costa Rica. Holy Cow! What was I thinking? This is definitely not the sort of activity for a girl who is allergic to adrenalin. But really – how can you go to Costa Rica and not zip line? You gotta do it.

The briefing started on the bus – just after we signed the waiver that confirmed that we were not pregnant, allergic, drunk, high or crazy. Don’t do this but do that – the zip lines are strong – they can hold up 10 cars etc. etc. Ok, enough already. Just get me on the damn zip line so I can do it before my resolve takes to the hills.

Off the bus we piled and there were a whole team of Costa Ricans ready to fit us into our harnesses. Now I might tell you that this can be a pretty intimate exercise bearing in mind that you certainly want the straps to be tight and secure. The young Costa Rican guy who fitted me was professional and friendly and graciously did not notice that my boobs were sitting at odd angles underneath the tight straps.

Then the second briefing –

Rule number one – lean back and just gently hold the line behind your head for guidance – this will prevent you from turning round and round.

Rule number two – don’t hold the zip line in front of the running clasp – otherwise Ouch.

Rule number three – have fun.

OK – deep breath and the first zip line was upon me. By this stage my heart rate had gone up and my hands were shaking but no-one could see that inside those big gloves. Hands on the wire and a quick jump so the guide could hook me onto the zip line. Are you ready he asked – I just tersely nodded as he pushed me off the platform into the void.

Oh………..my………g………….  IF

Silence – just the vibration of the wire, the sound of my heart beating, the wind in my face. Oh wow – is that a waterfall. I am swooping like a bird over the tops of the trees.

24 stations later we trooped back to the start where ice cold beers were waiting for us on the rooftop verandah of the little hacienda style building. Sitting at the bar there hot and sweaty looking out over the hills to the sea beyond I felt like a superstar!