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How connected are you while on vacation?

Are you one of those lucky ones who can totally disconnect when you go away on vacation?  Do you leave your work cell phone at home and absolutely refuse to take a lap top with you?  Well maybe you are lucky enough to have the sort of job where you don’t need to keep in touch with work.

For others however they always seem to be connected to the job –

I came across these great tips recently in the Chicago Tribune – how many would you follow –

“Disable email. Actually, disable everything. Turn off your work email, and really hide it.”

Mmmm – that really scares me.  I like to be in touch with my office and what’s going on.  And can you imagine the amount of emails that would be waiting for you when you got back to work?

vacation meme

“Remove calendars from your phone. If you’re the type who has work calendars, or any calendars, connected to your smartphone, remove them.. You don’t need an alert reminder of the weekly team meeting popping up as you order a mojito. Your only appointment is with the beach, the mountains or a good book.”

Well I agree with that to a certain extent.  You don’t really need to be consulting your calendar (your work calendar in any event) while you are trying to enjoy a vacation.  Unless you want to stress about that annual review coming up the week after you get back!


“Set up a solid out-of-office message. Do this early, so that you’re not stressing about typing it out before heading to the airport. You can say, “I’m out of the office until (enter date). Try me then.” Short, to the point, and this clarifies that you will not be available or responsive until after a certain time.”

Well – there a pros and cons to this.  I don’t like the idea of out of office messages when they reply to every single spam email I get but I suppose if I was a bit more techy I would be able to solve this one.  But I really love this one –

out of office

“Get a real camera. If you can, bring along a real camera. That’s right, one of the old-school versions that’s separate from your phone. Taking a photo is often why we reach for our smartphone, which too easily translates to just refreshing a website or checking in with a text.”

cell phone

Maybe our cell phone cameras are just easier …. and lighter.