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Why you need to go to Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful land – a beautiful green island that has seen its fair share of war and famine.  Go there – soon!  Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.  Walk the coastal routes and marvel at beaches that would rival anything you see in the Caribbean.  Travel on roads so narrow it is incredible how two-way traffic is allowed – and works.  Find yourself in a Derry pub with traditional music playing and the owner might even invite you behind the bar to pull a pint!


You see it is the people and the Irish spirit that makes the island so special – and yes I say island and not country because Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland together make up the Emerald Isle.

I toured the cities of the “troubles” – Derry and Belfast – and saw this from the unique perspective of both sides – Loyalists and Republicans.  Our group drove through one of the many gates in Belfast which still separate Catholic and Protestant and closes each night at 6 pm.  We even had a chance to add to the multi-coloured murals with our own graffiti –
belfast wall

I was there during the semi finals of Gaelic Football with Dublin playing Kerry.  My goodness – makes the Red Mile in Calgary look sad.  Every house was decorated in the blue of Dublin’s team and although I didn’t go to the match we went to the local pub to “celebrate”.  I think the bar tenders there must be lip readers – they certainly couldn’t hear any of the orders shouted across the bar.

You see the Irish have a turn of phrase – a way of saying things that make you stop, think and then laugh.

Take the famous statue of Molly Malone – I am sure you have heard the old song – and the statue is a popular tourist attraction in Dublin.


Leave it to the Irish – she is known locally as the “tart with the cart”.

Then there is the famous Spire …. The Spire of Dublin, alternatively titled the Monument of Light, is a large, stainless steel, pin-like monument 120 metres in height, located on the site of the former Nelson’s Pillar on O’Connell Street in Dublin,   This was erected to replace Nelson’s column which had been blown up by the IRA in 1966.  They did have another go at it during the Easter Rising in 1916 but apparently the explosives failed to ignite due to dampness – my goodness me!  Rain in Ireland?  What a concept.


Leave it to the Irish – known as the Stilleto in the Ghetto!

Or how about this beauty?  Meant to personify the River Liffy this statue was erected where the Spire is now.


Leave it to the Irish – this became well-known as the Floozie in the Jacuzzi.

So go there – have a Guinness – have a laugh – have a cry.


The Ballad of online booking

I booked me a cheap trip to fair Dublin City
Heard it on the news – forget the nitty gritty
It was a steal of a deal just couldn’t fail –
After all how often do you get this kind of sale?

There’s always a catch – isn’t that what they say?
But it seemed OK for what I had to pay
Who cares that the flight leaves in the middle of the night
I’ll just sleep on the plane the whole way, right?

Wrong, silly girl – you know that won’t work
Especially when you got the seat next to a jerk
Doesn’t he know that the armrest is mine
Aaargh, I’ll just have another glass of wine

So finally I fell asleep and slept for an age and a half
Flying miles and miles over the sea, and now I have to laugh
Cos when we landed I was kinda confused
And then I found out and I wasn’t amused

That “amazing deal” was for Dublin oh yes
Not Dublin Ireland but – can you guess?
Was it Dublin in Belarus – or maybe New York?
No it was near Adelaide – so I felt like a dork.

It turned out OK ‘cos the Ozzies are kind
especially to someone half out of their mind
No shamrock for me but a stuffed kangaroo
And a pat on my back – I just had no clue…

The boarding agent just merrily scanned my pass
And said “Enjoy your flight” while she laughed off her ass
And I read my Irish guide book from beginning to end
But don’t worry now ‘cos I found a friend

He’s tall and he’s blond and he speaks kinda funny
Using words like barbie, chunder and dunny
He tore up my ticket and begged me to stay
But I said no thanks mate – this is too far away.

So remember this story next time you’re online
Check the city, the date and of course the airline
Or you too could end up flying far over the sea
To a strange foreign land where you would rather not be.
~~ lmk ~~