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Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny…plane seats

Yes that’s right – many airlines are reconfiguring their aircraft – throwing out those old bulky seats and refitting with new slimline lightweight seats instead.
There’s only one problem – not all of us are lightweight and slimline….
tight seats

The new seats are slightly more narrow – just slightly – and just an inch less leg room.  Plus the aisle is going to be a teeny weeny bit narrower too.  I am sure the flight attendants are going to love that.  Will they have new skinny carts.  They should stock them with skinny meals and skinny drinks.   All these changes and the airlines assure us we will never notice.  Of course not!

At least Ryan Air Chairman Michael O’Leary doesn’t try to pretend.  He just wants to cram them in.  He suggested standing seats where you just basically lean against a support – yes I can see that would save a lot of room.  Unfortunately the authorities didn’t agree and the idea didn’t fly (‘scuse the pun – couldn’t resist).  Then there was the unique saddle seat design – sort of half standing your way during the flight.  Just sit down in the saddle and imagine you are riding the range.
standing seats

Doesn’t look much fun either – and where do you put your gin and tonic?  That’s what I want to know.