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Talk to the hand!

wooden spoonTimes have changed a lot since I was a mother of young children.  Nothing was thought those days of what my father would refer to as “a good hiding”.  It was standard practice and considered to be good for you.  You misbehaved and you got a smack.  Goodness me – I remember going to do groceries with two small boys in the shopping cart and a wooden spoon sticking conspicuously out of my handbag.  I didn’t ever really get to use it much but it was there – as a not so subtle reminder.

Now I know it is not considered good parenting to smack your children any  more – but there are some adults out there that make me think a good smack would do them good.  I bet you know who they are –

  • That person who just nipped into the parking space you were patiently waiting for
  • The woman who pushed in at the lineup at Safeway
  • The person who invades your personal space while you are talking to the pharmacist at Shoppers

Can you imagine the shock and horror if you turned around and gave them three or four brisk smacks on the back of the legs – punctuated by ….

“That” …. SMACK

“is” …. SMACK

“very” ….SMACK

“rude” …. SMACK

I know, I know…. Violence doesn’t solve anything…..

Instead of hitting them why not “use your voice” as they say in Kindergarten.  It works very well with animals – and they are usually way smarter than us humans.  How was your dog the last time you said “Bad boy”
guilty dog

Mmm – I think they would probably lock me up if I turned around at the grocery line up and said to the man behind me “You are a BAD boy… YES a very BAD boy”.  Jeez – sounds like a line from 50 Shades of Grey.  I better be careful!

This season of overbooked flights, hectic shopping malls and crazy traffic just seems to bring out the worst in all of us.

So bring it on Monday 6th January – everything will be back to normal, everyone will be back at work, Deerfoot will be as busy as usual, kids will be back at school and I can put my wooden spoon away.

Hogs on ships, planes and coaches

If you have been on a cruise before you will have come across this situation.  Walking around and around the deck looking for a lounger.  They all seem to be occupied – not by people but by books, towels, magazines – whatever.  Carnival Cruise Lines is out to stop this chair hogging by having attendants placing stickers on empty chairs so they can monitor how long the chair has been vacated.  This has freed up a huge number of chairs for serious deck lovers – but seriously – doesn’t this make you think twice about human behaviour.  We have to be monitored because we are all basically selfish and out for ourselves.

Other areas of hoggy behaviour…. best seats on the coach.  Big tour companies like Trafalgar and Insight have had to resort to rotation of seats on the bus to deal with those who bag the best seats day after day.  Once you do get off the coach there is always going to be some know-it-all who wants to hog the tour guide.  We have all seen them.  They hang out with the tour guide like he’s their new BFF and pepper them with questions totally irrelevant to the tour in question.  They will regale all and sundry with their extensive travel experience and totally monopolise the tour.

Let’s not forget about flights.  Hoggy behaviour here will include reclining seats right after take-off even during meal service and doing a full clothing change, make up and hairdo in the bathroom while a long line-up gathers in the aisle.  Other mortal sins include inappropriate attire.

All in our Sunday best

A flight attendant friend had to deal with a “lady” flying back from the Caribbean to Calgary who thought it was quite in order for her to fly in her bikini with just a t-shirt.  She obviously had no regard for the person in the seat next her who would be subjected to her sweaty thighs all the way home.  And let’s not even talk about the arm rests.  If I start I won’t be able to stop.