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Whatever happened to the midnight buffet on cruises?

This dinosaur seems to have disappeared.  Remember the old days when the midnight buffet would be the highlight of the evening on a cruise.  The crew would frantically clear away the dining room in preparation for the lay out of a huge extravaganza.  There would be a line up of people waiting at the front door to be let in just for photos or viewing.  No touching people.

Ice sculptures, grotesquely carved water melons – it’s all part of the fun folks.

Seriously –

So what’s a midnight muncher supposed to do.  Don’t worry my little greedy friends.  There are lots of options – just depends which ship you sail on.

Carnival has 24 hour pizza, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers 24 hour pizza room service … all this talk of pizza.  It’s starting to sound monotonous – hang on a minute.  Just about every cruise ship offers pizza.  Some 24 hours a day – some with room delivery – some at special pizza restaurants.  Some even offer fully loaded pizzas.  Now truly this is definitely going to contribute to the 1 pound a day rule.

Luckily most cruise lines now are very sophisticated and offer several dining venues.  There are fine dining restaurants with tasting menus, there are English pubs and in fact restaurants representing cuisine around the world.  Just about every menu comes with light options for the health conscious.  That means that you can order the steamed halibut with a kale salad and then go and pig out on the 24 hour soft serve and sprinkles.

Now that’s what I call a vacation!