Have we forgotten how to travel?

What will it be like to travel again? Just even getting on a plane – will we remember what to do? Honestly – how many times have you sat in your seat on the aircraft totally ignoring the flight attendant as she runs through the usual instructions for how to fasten (and loosen) your seat belt, how to put the lifejacket over your head, how to blow the whistle? Did you ever pay attention? I tried hard but found myself fading in and out of the conversation.

So how will we all be when we start travelling again? I think we might be like total newbies. It has been SUCH a long time we have probably forgotten all the lessons and tricks that we learnt before. Do you remember that strut? Walking down the airport corridor toward the departure gate with that confident bounce while pulling your neat carryon wheelie, passport and boarding pass in your hand. Ha! How’s that going to look in the future when you finally get to fly again. It’s hard to strut with the Encyclopedia Britannica under your arm – you know what I mean – all those copies of documents you need. Covid tests, vaccination certificates, paper and digital, your phone up and running, your mask, your hand sanitizer and your own packed lunch? Yep – a whole different ball game here.

Just the stories I have heard so far of the long line up delays while people have their documents checked. And yes, there is always someone in the queue who is going to start digging through their carry on looking for that document or piece of paper that you should have had in your hand from the get go.

And let’s not even talk about the vaccinations you need to travel. Is a mixed vaccine ok? You can mix with this but not with that but only if they are up to 12 weeks apart. Don’t even get me started!

We thought it would be all over bar the shouting once we got vaccinated but you know what they say, the devil is in the detail and the devil is laughing his arse off!

So much in the travel world has changed due to covid. Some flights are not serving meals, yet. I really am not sure about the bringing your own meal thing. I know airplane food is not great but I really don’t want to be sitting next to that person on the flight eating a take out burrito. You know what they say about gas and altitude!

Mind you – at this stage I would do ANYTHING to start travelling again so maybe the idea of being crammed in a middle seat next to someone scarfing down a black bean burrito would be bearable if I was on my way to spend two weeks in …. oh I don’t know …. maybe a cute little apartment overlooking the canal in Venice, or in one of my favourite hotels in the cute little town of Bellagio on Lake Como, or on a tall ship sailing to the Greek Islands.

I just want to travel … anywhere … anyhow. PLEEEEEEZE!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. I’m feeling this so much! Not sure when I will travel yet, because I did move to a new country during the pandemic, so we’ll see


  2. Always enjoy your blog Lesley! I was thinking about the first time I ever travelled on a plane (we went to Hawaii) and that anticipation & excitement was intoxicating. Maybe when I start travelling again, It will be like the first time? Maybe?? I would love to have that giddy feeling again! I can dream….


    1. Oh you are so right Lee. My first flight ever was from London to Johannesburg when we emigrated – it was about 16 hours and we had to dress up in our Sunday best! πŸ™‚


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