Food fit for a king

Let’s be clear – I love food.  Sometimes I feel this is my downfall.  I have found however on Seabourn that you can eat extravagantly in a healthy manner – if this is not an oxymoron.  The emphasis is on fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, the finest cuts of meat and small portions elegantly arranged and prepared.  This doesn’t preclude you from having “seconds” if you feel like it. 

A coffee bar to rival Starbucks at Seabourn Square

The menu features a “light selection” which includes all the healthy choices such as baked fish, sugar-free desserts and green salads.  Never fear – there is a great selection of hip-padding options on the full menu and if you have a will to put on those extra pounds you can do it easily and in style.

Those little extras that you only see occasionally on other cruise lines are common fare on a Seabourn; lobster, crab, shrimp, caviar and truffles to name but a few.  Menu choices are prepared fresh and served piping hot.  Little touches such as lemon squeezed over fish dishes at the table add to the touches.  I enjoyed an excellent Caesar salad complete with handmade dressing, sliced parmesan and an abundance of anchovies.  OK I realise that probably cost me about 15 points but what the heck – I can do Weight Watchers at home, right?

Lunch on Seabourn - grilled fish, fresh asparagus and cold sauvignon blanc

Dinner tables are sumptuously laid with damask linen, crystal glasses, large charger plates and silver cutlery.  I was interested to notice the hallmarks on the silver spoons and forks.  Sitting in the dining room was more akin to being in a smart New York restaurant with plush drapes, a bevy of more than attentive servers and a laid back comfortable ambiance.  Want to dine romantically?  Tables for two abound but if you choose to dine just a deux then a table for four will be magically transformed just for you.   And how’s this for service.  Last night at dinner upon seeing my black dress my server insisted upon getting me a black serviette rather than a white so I wouldn’t have lint on my dress.  Wow – that’s good!

To finish off your meal tiny little temptations are presented in the form of miniature  tarts and other such tastings.  Well at least they are small.  Don’t they say that if you eat it while nobody is looking it doesn’t count?

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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