Sea days – Day 7 on Seabourn

My favourite cruising days are sea days.  I have had many clients who want maximum number of port stops on their itinerary and when I tell them how much I love sea days they are usually puzzled.  So let’s go through a typical sea day (like yesterday Day 7 on my Seabourn cruise).

9.30 am – mmm I think I am awake.  This gentle rocking and gorgeously comfortable bed makes for late sleeps in the morning.  But there’s places to go – people to see – so out of bed, quick shower and up to Seabourn Square for my morning cup of Americano.

Breakfast on the back deck

10.00 am – breakfast on the back deck at the Colonnade Restaurant.  Ah there’s a table for 2 overlooking the wake.  Rosa (from Spain) is there waiting – with coffee pot in hand and news about today’s specials for breakfast.  Eggs Benedict?  No – I think I will stick to the fresh fruit and muesli.  Time to read the paper or maybe just time to stare out at the miles and miles of sea surrounding us.

11.00 am – back to the cabin to freshen up.  Fire up the laptop, check emails, do my blog.  But what’s this?  A whole herd (is that the right word) of sea birds.  Actually I think it is a flock.  They are racing the ship and are level with our balcony.  Next there are flying fish – hundreds of them.  It’s the seabirds’ breakfast buffet.  The birds get so close to us they are looking right into our cabin – enviously I think.

Racing the ship

1.00 pm – is it that time already?  Back up to the Colonnade for lunch.  Ah yes – another lovely table for 2 in a sheltered spot.  Oh yes please, I would love a glass of champagne. 

2.00 pm – back down to the cabin, another quick check of emails, pick up my book and up to the pool deck.  I bag the big comfortable double sofa with tons of cushions and settle down to read my book.  Anything I might need is available from the attentive staff on duty – more champagne, iced towels, sun tan lotion – even special wipes for my sunglasses.  

That's my place!

3.00 pm – zzzzzzzzzz

4.00 pm – down to the theatre to hear another lecture on our next destination.

6.00 pm – getting ready for cocktails and dinner.  First stop is the Observation Bar where Nick the pianist does a really good Frank Sinatra.  Then off to dinner.

10.00 pm – another fabulous show in the theatre with top class singers and dancers, classical soloists and more.

Really?  Who has time to be bored?

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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