Little Lesley’s Amazing Adventures

Meet Little Lesley

Little Lesley loves to travel and she has found a way to do this on the cheap …. whenever she hears someone in the agency is going away she hatches a devilish plan.  She is small enough to hide inside the most organised purse (just between the cell phone and the wallet) so after picking her “mule”, confirming the date of departure and making sure she has a clean dress, she’s into the purse and off on another adventure. 

So where to this time.  Her innocent “mule” is Donna who is headed off to the beautiful Sandals resort in Exuma.  This is an opportunity Little Lesley could not miss.  She loves luxury and just looks so good in a 5 star hotel.  On the long flight to Exuma – via Toronto – Donna suspected nothing.  However on the first night at the resort she was tipped off by a Junkanoo Know-it-all. 

Psst - Donna I need to tell you something

That’s the thing with the Bahamas – the people there are so incredibly tall. Even next to Donna they were tall and you can imagine how they looked to Little Lesley.  But now Little Lesley was well and truly busted. 

She wasted no time and set about doing an assessment of the resort and all the goodies.   And there are lots of things to check out – five restaurants, three huge pools (one with a fire pit right in the middle), the indulgent Red Lane Spa and a Greg Norman inspired championship golf course.

Mmmm check, check and check

 They all seemed to check out.  Of course all wines, beers and premium brand drinks are included in your Sandals vacation.  Rooms are airy and bright with the signature dark wood furniture – many rooms with four poster beds.   The resort was previously a Four Seasons and since being acquired by the Sandals group a lot of work has been done to “Sandalize” the resort and create that unique experience.   Set on 500 acres, the gardens are a delight of emerald green grass and flowering shrubs dotted with hammocks and comfy wicker couches. 

I love the beach

Getting there – Air Canada offers direct service from Toronto to Exuma so connecting from Calgary is fairly easy.   Just hop onto the red eye and before you know it, you are on the beach.   A friendly Sandals welcome awaits at the airport and transfer to the hotel is by taxi – approximately 15 minutes.

How much? – 11 September departure from Calgary from only $2375.57 including taxes for one week.

So how did Little Lesley enjoy her Amazing Adventure in Exuma?  Well we can’t really answer that question because no sooner had she returned that she found out Anni was leaving for Bali – so she stowed-away – and was last seen heading in the direction of Calgary airport……..Stay tuned for more Amazing Adventures.  It has all been too much for Little Lesley

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By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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