Zombies vs Mickey?

Welcome to Zombie Land

When it comes to theme parks nobody does it like Disney but what would you think about visiting a Zombie themepark?  Don’t laugh.  This is a real project going down in Detroit where supporters hope to build a Zombie experience where tourists can come to be scared to death (almost).  It seems like a good idea I guess with all the media out there – tv programs like Walking Dead (which I love by the way) and hilarious Zombie comedies (known as Zomcom’s to those in the know) like Shaun of the Dead.So what would a typical day in Zombie Land be like?  Something like this maybe.

Line up for 3 hours to buy tickets at ridiculously inflated cost;

Finally get in through the gates just in time to duck out of reach of a staggering zombie blindly clutching at anyone passing by (the kids always love this);

Stand in another line to have your photo taken with Shaun of the Dead (c’mon it’s only $25);

Get on the Psycho Redrum Roller Coaster – scream non stop for 8 minutes of ride;

Washroom break and re-apply mock blood around mouth and chin;

Shopping – buy a new fake half eaten brain and mandatory t-shirt – “I went to Zombie Land and came back with half a brain”.

Actually – sounds like fun! 

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