Vacation Detox

It happens to us all.  The vacation you have dreamed about, planned for, saved for has happened and passed by in a flash.  Now all you have are the memories, 300 photos on your iphone that you will never sort, a little bit of sand in your suitcase which, annoyingly, you cannot get rid of and an overflowing inbox.

How many of you out there are like me and end up with a suitcase sitting on the bed in the spare room for at least three weeks after your return home?  It’s quite astonishing to me the amount of willpower that is required to get that case emptied and returned to its proper home in the basement.

It’s also astonishing to discover exactly how much weight you gained on holiday.  What the heck? Honest – I was careful.  There was just that Italian gelato that I had to try and then they were selling home made nougat at the stall in Marseilles.  I mean I had to – there was no choice involved.  It was an experience that I will probably never have again.

And let’s not even go there when we start talking about the crap that you bought while on holiday. Those cute shirts you bargained for at the market and thought you had negotiated a real deal.  Hah!  The guy probably laughed his head off when you walked away knowing that the minute the shirt even came within 5 metres of your washing machine it would automatically shrink.

There’s only one remedy for this problem.  The very minute you get home just throw that suitcase on one side, get out the atlas and decide where to go next.  I have found this to be remarkably calming when I come home from a holiday.  It just seems to make all those “back home” mundane tasks a little easier to bear knowing that I am embarking upon another vacation planning exercise because you see, the planning is a big part of the fun.  

Did you make a note of that?  Now get back to unpacking that suitcase.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. I call it travel depression and totally agree the only cure is to book another trip. Glad someone else feels like I do! You didn’t mention that if you are also suffering from jet lag when you return, not one single person shows any sympathy…none at all. No one wants to hear that you are ‘tired’ because you’ve just travelled across the world and had the best trip ever. Us poor travellers!!! LOL.


  2. This is so true! The few weeks after a holiday are the worst. Having to go back to the normal routine is so dull when you’ve just had the best time on holiday! I will definitely try your tip and plan my next holiday as soon as I get home. It’s always great having something to look forward too!


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