Find me somewhere peaceful and quiet – my top five places

The world seems to be in quite a mess at the moment.  Trouble in Russia and the Ukraine has prompted AMAWAterways to cancel their Russian river cruises for 2015.  The outbreak of Ebola has caused a drop in travel to South Africa – how strange when South Africa is miles and miles away from the affected countries.  Here’s an interesting article to back this up – Washington Post

Lava flows in Hawaii have even resulted in arrests as sightseers get too close to the molten lava.

Don’t worry – there are still plenty of peaceful and quiet havens in the world – here’s my current top five.

  • COOK ISLANDS – Not much happens here – which is lovely – except maybe for the weekly sailing regatta at the yacht club or perhaps Sunday market downtown.  No building is taller than the tallest palm tree and there is one main road which goes right around the island of Raratonga just 32 km in length.
  • MOOREA, FRENCH POLYNESIA – Maybe not as glamorous as Bora Bora but I think rather nicer in some ways.  Easy to get to on the ferry from Papeete and once there you can enjoy a very rural laid back atmosphere.
  • SABI SANDS, SOUTH AFRICA – sleep under the stars in your very own luxurious tree house.  Your game ranger will bring you out here, serve dinner and then leave you for the night – just you and the sounds of the Africa wildnerness……. sound a bit too “out there”??
  • GIUDECCA, ITALY – just across the water from the main island of Venice this island provides an escape from the crowds.  You will never feel too cut off as frequent water taxis give constant access to the main island but you will find the streets of Giudecca quiet and residential.  There are just a few hotels there and the most amazing hostel for backpackers.  Wow – after visiting the hostel I think I could almost backpack (I said almost).  Just Euro 28 a night for a dorm room.
  • THE DINGLE, IRELAND – Forget the Ring of Kerry – head to the Dingle where Celtic is the official language.  The scenery is dramatic and you won’t see a tour bus for miles.

Sometimes on vacation all you want is a good rest – away from the crowds and troubles of the world…..

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Hi Lesley, loved your choices for peaceful and quiet holidays. I will add one more place, Maupiti French Polynesia, beautiful little Island with stunning lagoon and white sand beach.


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