Who wears short shorts

Well Maggie McMuffin does.  In fact sometimes she doesn’t wear anything at all.  She is a burlesque entertainer holding a bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is, let’s face it, fairly controversial.  So when Ms McMuffin tried to board a Jet Blue flight in the states in her burlesque style striped short shorts the staff decided to deny her boarding as her attire wasn’t suitable.  What do you think?

Frankly I have seen worse on a flight so I really think Jet Blue was over-reacting.  After all I would rather sit next to Ms McMuffin dressed like this than sit next to some big stinky guy with flip flops…..or even worse bare feet encroaching upon my private place.
Or even worse – this outfit spotted at Dallas Fort Worth

plane attire

I think Ms McMuffin looks a lot better.

Remember the good old days when catching a flight was like going to church.  You got dressed up.
50's airline wear
Looks pretty civilised doesn’t it?  But not very comfortable unfortunately.  That’s the most important thing on a flight, especially on some of the flights these days that can stretch into 14 or more hours non-stop.  You just could not sit in a pair of stockings with gloves and a hat over that period of time – never mind a corsage.  What are your memories of your first flight and what did you wear?  Might be interesting to share.

So what is acceptable and what is not –

Bare skin for the most part is not acceptable.  This is why I believe the burlesque lady got denied boarding.  On cramped flights these days you get much closer to strangers than you do to your dearest loved ones, so let’s cut down on the amount of skin you show.

Bare feet.  If you must shed the shoes then bring a thin pair of socks to put on.  Not only is it more hygienic for your fellow passengers, it is more hygienic for you.  Can you imagine what has been on that aircraft carpet?  Ugh!

Personal grooming!  Stop it already with the hair brushing, nail clipping and make up application.

Remember people – we are flying through the air in a pressurised metal tube.  This is not your front room.


By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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