Top ten airlines – do you agree?

Just announced – the world’s top ten airlines – DRUM ROLL PLEASE – here they are’s top 10 airlines for 2017
1. Air New Zealand
2. Qantas
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Australia
6. British Airways
7. Etihad Airways
8. All Nippon Airways
9. Eva Air
10. Lufthansa
So do you agree?  Have you had the chance to fly these airlines?  Anni just flew to New Zealand on Air New Zealand and she agrees.  They are the best.  The crew was what made it for her – I think they must have a little bit of Hobbit dust on them.  They just always seem so friendly and happy to help.  And yes they seemed really happy.  Mmm – maybe I need to get some of this Hobbit dust!
Donna flew Qantas from Sydney to Adelaide which is a short-haul flight and guess what – SHE GOT A HOT MEAL!
Wow!  Yes they do deserve to be on the list.
I see British Airways is on the list.  Mmm – they might be a good airline but flying through Heathrow really sucks!  Sorry.  It’s my least favourite airport.
Etihad, All Nippon and Eva – well I can’t comment there.  I haven’t had the chance to fly them but I will add them to my list.  But one thing about Eva Air stands out – they have a Hello Kitty service on their first class and business flights.  Seriously!
Here’s more proof!
Blanket and pillow in first class – how cute is that?
I was surprised not to see Emirates on the list.  I have flown with them in business class and found the service and comfort excellent.  That’s why I am so surprised – after all the advertising about their amazing first class suites and Jennifer Aniston lounging around the bar – just saying!
But I do wonder how long Lufthansa will stay in this league with the strike now dragging on a few more days.  I am sure they will lose some supporters.  This is the 14th walk-out since 2014.  Apparently (as at the time of writing this) the pilots have rejected the offer but have promised not to extend the strike.  We will see.  We will see.

8 responses to “Top ten airlines – do you agree?

  1. Hey Eva only operate and put the Hello Kitty on certain flights. Not all! But its still cute because we took one of those flights!


  2. I just returned from a cruise, disembarked in Dubai. I was on British Airways 8+ hrs to Heathrow and then to Calgary, 9+ hrs. There were blankets & pillows, and hot meals with wine, and very attentive staff. Yes, they deserve to be on the Top Ten List.


  3. I am surprised that Malaysia airlines and KLM aren’t on this list.


    • That’s a good point. I fly KLM a lot. I guess the problem with KLM is that their business class does not have the pods – at least the older planes. I always enjoy their service and I think Schipol is a great hub to fly through. I haven’t experienced Malaysia airlines but have been told that it is very good.


  4. Lufthansa was the absolute worst airline I have ever travelled on and that was just recently as in Nov. 2016. Flew Toronto to Frankfurt.
    Clearly, Emirates is the ABSOLUTE best and not sure why they aren’t in the top ten ????


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