This is smoking hot!

No …. not this blog but the issue of smoking (or not smoking) on cruise ships, in hotels, airports and so many other places.  Being a smoker is tough these days and as a non-smoker I am far more sympathetic than those who kicked the habit years ago.  I find that ex-smokers are the ones who are more likely to insist on a confirmed non-smoking room in a hotel or cast ugly looks in the direction of a smoker who gets too close.  From what I have heard giving up smoking is hard – and kudos to those who have managed to do this.  

Over the years there have been less places for smokers – airports started cutting back and even introduced special sealed off rooms where smokers could have that last puff before boarding.  In fact there are even websites devoted to finding the best airports for smokers  …..  

I think maybe there are some smokers who would prefer two connections in their flight itinerary rather than some of those mega flights of 14 hours or more without a smoke.  Goodness, I can remember the days when a flight would be divided into smoking and non-smoking.  Anyone remember that?  And what was the point of requesting a seat in non-smoking when the person in front of you was in the smoking zone?  And then there were those who sat in the non-smoking zone and just blatantly ignored the signs and lit up – and very often no-one would bat an eyelid.

Oh boy – has all that changed or what?  Airlines, cruise lines, hotels – they are all getting more vigilant.   Carnival Cruise lines has just announced new anti-smoking policies –

“(1:16 p.m. EST) — Get caught smoking on your balcony on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, and you not only will get hit with a hefty fine, but you and your cabin mates also could be sent home.  The line, which prohibits passengers from smoking on cabin balconies, has firmed up its smoking policy, warning that anyone who violates the policy will be fined $500 (posted to their onboard account). In addition, violations may result in the disembarkation of all passengers in the cabin.” as reported on Cruise Critic

Even rental cars have their own anti-smoking rules –  

“The major rental car companies in the United States and Canada run smoke-free rental car fleets. In fact, smoking in a rental vehicle is the single most common reason renters get stuck paying cleaning fees for rental cars.  A small subset of renters insist on smoking in rental cars anyway, and the consequences are not pretty.” as reported in Auto Slash

Now while I can hear all the non-smokers cheering here I must repeat – I do feel a certain amount of sympathy for the smoking public.  After all smoking cigarettes is not illegal and you really don’t want to deny a smoker his or her cigarette for too long!  As was evidenced on this flight last year.

Maybe the inflight movie was crappy – or she didn’t have earbuds ???


By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. I am a non-smoker (I quit about 25 years ago) but my husband has been unsuccessful so far in his attempts to quit. I want to see my husband have a great time on vacation too, and while he does use a patch to help him cope on long flights, accommodations, cruise restrictions, parks, historical sites that don’t provide an area for smokers makes not only his vacation (which he pays for in addition to everyone else), but both of our vacations quite stressful when it shouldn’t be. No matter how much I plan to research how to accommodate him, sometimes the restrictions are a surprise upon arrival (such as going off property to light up). So while I hate being subjected to others smoke, I do wish there was a bit more of an attempt to accommodate smokers.


    1. Deb thank you so much for your contribution to this discussion. You raise a really good point. While there are lots of people who have successfully quit smoking there are many others who simply cannot and I agree there should be more facilities for smokers while travelling. What a shame that your vacations have to be accompanied by this stressful situation.


  2. I am an ex-smoker for 5 years now..yay, after 50 yrs. But I took up vaping to satisfy the nic need. My beef is that we vapers are lumped into the smokers area. We quit cigs and really don’t feel we should be forced to go where the tobacco smoke is. As some, but not many know that vaping does not have the over 2,000 carcinogens that tobacco does. We are NOT polluting the air…we are emitting fire, no ashes ZERO smell.This big problem is that people see SMOKE and thats enough for them to yell “smoker” !!! So rather than consider the few vapers..its just plain easier to put all of us in the same corner. I have vaped anywhere and everywhere (except in plane bathrooms) and gone undetected (which should also indicate that there is no smell) After 17 cruises, I guess I’ve probably been on enough.. Travel in Europe seems to accept smokers/vapers in restaurants, pubs, just about everywhere, which for me is attractive.The non-smoker is the minority. Smoking is still legal, vaping is legal..and with vaping you are NOT getting any second hand smoke..Eventually people might get the message or continue their rarely have I been able to have an intelligent conversation with the haters…


    1. Thanks so much Joyce for giving us another perspective on this issue. This is something that I don’t know very much about. It is true that when you see someone vaping all that smoke is a bit alarming so your explanation is helpful.


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