What’s in a name?

Shakespeare said it best in Romeo and Juliet – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Even though Romeo was a Montague that didn’t make him a bad person – right? Well what about Corona – I mean the beer! Never did anything wrong. Its image with a juicy lime crammed in the neck just speaks of Mexican vacations, sandy beaches and “no I am not checking my office emails “.

Now it has unwittingly been dragged into this whole nasty virus thingy because of its name – and because it took the experts so long to come up with a proper name for the virus – now known as CoVid-19. That actually sounds a bit better for the virus. Gives it a sort of dark, under-cover feel.

Don’t shake his hand!!!!

Well can you believe that because the beer Corona has the same name as the coronavirus people thought they would get sick if they drank the beer. Well in fact that IS true – if you drink a LOT of Corona it can easily make you sick

Esquire reported –

“We also found found a CNN report on a survey conducted by 5W Public Relations that found that 38 percent of Americans would not order a Corona beer “under any circumstances” because of the coronavirus outbreak. ” C’mon – you gotta be kidding me.

Yes – someone is kidding me because subsequent reports have indicated that’s just Fake News!

Seems like Fake News spreads even faster than Corona – sorry CoVid-19. Just pass me a Corona while I do a spell check here.

Amazing how quickly rumours fly around the world – The Atlantic raced to Corona’s defence –

“Have you heard that 38 percent of Americans won’t drink Corona beer, because they are afraid of contracting the coronavirus?

For the past hours, this finding has spread across the internet like wildfire (or, more apt, a dangerous disease). CNN, the New York Post, and Vice all wrote up the poll.

On Twitter, where “38% of Americans” was the top national trend for parts of the day, many writers with large followings used it as an occasion to condemn their fellow citizens as idiots. “38% of Americans shouldn’t be allowed to roam free,” Benjamin Dreyer, an author, wrote.”

So who’s to believe here?

If you have questions about the virus – just follow these instructions. Get yourself an ice cold Corona out of the fridge, crack it open, slice a thin wedge of lime and pop it down the neck of the beer, fill up a plate of nachos with guacamole on the side and read the reports on the Government of Canada travel website and the World Health Organisation. The real news!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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