Growing my bucket list

I live for travel. So does that mean right now I am not living? Not really. I usually have a trip coming up on my calendar and just love the excitement of planning to travel and then even packing. I have everything travel related packed in one handy place – all the “stuff” I need on my trip – special bag for my electronics, another little bag with travel umbrella, ipad case …all those sorts of things. Well the other day when I planned a little “escape” from the city for a night in Canmore I actually forgot what my carry on suitcase looked like! Can you believe that?

I went down to the basement to look for a bag and there it stood – my lovely, faithful wheelie bag just standing in the corner looking folorn. Oh what joy to discover him sitting there. It was like I had a new bag all over again. Zipped it open, checked in the pockets – so exciting.

So apart from playing with my suitcase what else is there for an travel addict to do? Well I could really work on that Bucket List. Update it, cross off the places I have been and see what is still left on it. So let’s have a look – in no particular order – of what is actually on this magical list.

The Amazon … I really like the look of this place and I would love to do it on one of the small river boats. If Brazil gets itself sorted out I could tack on a visit to Rio but the jungle would be the real attraction.

(Pause for thinking …. trying to be strict and not put my favourite places in that I would like to revisit like – Italy’s lake district, Ireland, WW1 and WW2 battlefields in Europe, Venice, Malta, Morocco, Uluru in Australia…. oh stop, there are just too many).

The Douro River … I have visited Oporto and loved it but a trip down the Douro River would be amazing. Definitely high up on the list there.

The Corinth Canal … I would love to sail through this canal – it’s only 25 metres wide and steeped in history. It would have to be on a small ship – there have been a couple of larger ships do the crossing but it has been a tight fit.

Israel …. whatever your belief or faith there is so much of our history tied up in Israel and while there I would add on Jordan to the visit.

And one thing that I would definitely like to include on my bucket list would be a cruise without any port stops! Does that sound weird? I know many people look at “sea days” as being boring but I love them. However there is a good reason for no port stops in this time of COVID – that is why some of the expedition cruises are putting out journeys, sometimes as long as 14 days, without a single port stop. Imagine that – but you are not stuck on the ship – every day you have the chance to go out on kayaks or zodiacs and explore. Now that sounds like the best of both worlds – no ports – just nature!

What’s your bucket list? I would love to be inspired.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Bucket list of places that we haven’t visited? Nepal & Bhutan, Carribean islands via small boat (6 to 50 psgrs), Chile & Argentina, NE Italy, Mekong River & Vietnam, canal boat & SW England, Canary Islands, etc. Then to mesh these with my wife’s list and places to revisit. So little time and when will travel again be easy & fun.


    1. LOVE this list. Did the Mekong. Would love to do canals of England as long as I don’t have Three Men in a Boat along for the ride. Yes to Nepal. Really want to do that too. So much still to see. And yes please …small ships and yachts. Don’t need a water slide.


  2. The Maldives. Galapagos. Japan. —- and dozens of places to revisit, too many to list but my tops picks to revisit are Croatia, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia … Currently we are revisiting Alberta sites (Waterton, Jasper, Columbia Icefields) and it feels so good just to PACK!!


    1. Oh yes – just packing a case is such a delight. But I worry that I am out of practice and will leave something behind. At least if I am in Canmore or Waterton it is not too far from home. I would love to do the Maldives and Galapagos. I have been to Japan and so enjoyed that so I don’t mind that my granddaughter wants me to take her there next year. And revisits are good too. Glad you liked South Africa – my heart is still there!


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