On the silver screen

Well if we cannot travel we can at least sit back and enjoy tv travel and hopefully that will satisfy some of our urges to get out and explore. Depending on what you like to do it might even be better doing it virtually. Think about it – you can watch people doing things that you would hate to do. For example the documentary series/reality show Alone. Filmed up in the NWT inside the Arctic circle these brave contestants have to stay for 100 days all alone.

Cut me out! I am allergic to the cold. Seriously – I have really poor circulation in hands and feet and I cannot be in the cold and while I wasn’t exactly in the Arctic Circle I absolutely froze to death when I went to Yellowknife early in March a couple of years ago. It was SO disappointing as I had been dying to see the Northern Lights. We hung around for ages in this special camp with loungers where you could lie down and stare up at the sky – NOTHING. When it got to about 1 am I said I am done. I am so cold I cannot think. So we traipsed off to the bus and just as we turned around and headed to the hotel someone shouted “Oh look – it’s the lights”. Well of course we were in the bus and the windows were all steamed up and we could see nothing and the driver was at the end of his shift and he was headed for home. By the time we got back to the hotel my feet were blue – and that was with the special snow boots. Nope – I am a warm weather girl which is why I am fascinated with this series. I can’t believe that the contestants are going to spend time in the Arctic in that cold with not even an electric blanket to help. Watch it – it’s good!

Another good one is Fiji Eco Challenge – The World’s Toughest Race. Now I have been to Fiji and the Mamanuca Islands but I never saw anything like these people are going through. Freezing cold mountain streams and mud and rain.

So don’t let this put you off Fiji because it is beautiful and I promise you won’t have to go anywhere near a freezing cold mountain stream. My time there was spent between the main island of Fiji along the Coral Coast and then out to the Mamanuca Islands – Tokoriki and Castaway. The water was warm, the wine was cold – it was a perfect holiday. Well – almost perfect!

The resort on Tokoriki was amazing – they had the most incredible bathrooms – actually with a shower outside in a little courtyard attached to the room. It was very private with a tall wall all around and a tiled floor and no ceiling – just open to the sky, the sun and the moon……. and others! What we didn’t realise was that some of the arrivals were not by boat (as we had arrived) but by helicopter. So early one morning there was my husband thoroughly enjoying his morning shower when out of nowhere a helicopter swooped over low – so low that everyone could see him in the shower – so they all waved. He waved back! Later when we went up to breakfast he was quite famous!

And then there’s Travels with My Father – absolutely hilarious and very politically incorrect. Jack Whitehall decides to discover the world with his father who has very different views on life.

Aw you see – this is what we have to do right now – either that or do what some other inventive people have done to get their travel fix and make it look as if they are still travelling the world.

Yes we all want to travel …. this badly –

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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