Anger in the skies

Yep this COVID stuff has really got to us. Even though things are opening up (a bit) the last 18 months is taking its toll and making us all just a wee bit angry. You’ve seen it on the roads and in the supermarkets and now it is up there in the sky.

Numerous incidents this last couple of weeks. A mom and daughter on a Southwest Airlines flight were thrown off the plane because they both demanded aisle seats. Now on Southwest it is basically first come first served as far as seat selection is concerned. These ladies for some reason thought they deserved the aisle seat and demanded that other passengers give up their seats. Mom and daughter were christened Karen and Karen 2.0. Quite funny but I feel bad for people who are called Karen. Still the other passengers on the flight were fed up because they ended up being delayed three hours – just because these two felt “entitled”.

Southwest Airlines was in the news again the day before when a passenger tried to get on the flight holding a large Biden placard. She was told that her sign was offending other passengers so she had to fold it up and put it under her seat.

Earlier this month the CEO of American Airlines was interviewed by the New York Times and said that 100 passengers PER DAY engage in misconduct on an AA flight. Wow – that’s a lot of air rage people. This is what he said –

I’ll just give you some numbers, just what we call customers misconduct reports. We would get about 30 a day at American Airlines in 2019. Now we’re getting about 100 a day. And we’re flying fewer customers, of course. The severity is what really matters. I mean, in those 30 a day, most of those are people who had too much to drink, or didn’t have their meds right, or chose to smoke in the bathroom. And again, those aren’t acceptable, but that’s what it was. Now, the events you’re talking about, the serious events, ones that actually require us to go take action against the customer, have increased as well.”

But the incident that has to take the cake is the one where a passenger was duct taped to his seat after he became “difficult”. That flight attendant wasn’t messing around with the duct tape that’s for sure. Boy, glad I wasn’t sure. The first video on youtube, before he was taped up, is very offensive so I have not included this here but feel free to google it. You may even have already seen it. Crazy drunken shouting and attacking the male flight attendant who got him well and truly ducted up!

But the OSCAR goes to ……

Yeah baby! Way to go Alfredo!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous how bad it’s got. I have pretty much decided to fly with international carriers. They have different standards of behaviour


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