There’s always a VIP

Also known as a Very Ignorant Person.  

I encountered one on the flight from Barbados to Toronto.  Because Toronto airport is so short staffed and to protect against too many people in an enclosed space our disembarkation was what they called “metered”.  So first off the plane were all those with connections (and they said they would be checking – LOL) and then after they had all got off we waited another 5-10 minutes and they said we could get off in groups of 50 with 5 minutes between each group.  All well and good.

Except for the VIP’s – and there is always at least one.

I was in row 28 so right at the back of the plane and we sat patiently waiting for the people ahead of us to clear the plane.  There were lots of small kids on board and they were behaving pretty well.  It is a shame that the VIP did not follow their good manners.  From the back comes this older lady pushing through the crowd standing in the aisle.  I will not call her Karen because that is an insult to every Karen on the planet!

So the mom sitting behind me leans over and starts berating her about pushing ahead of everyone else who was waiting patiently.  The VIP responded “I am not going to have this conversation with you”.  Side note – what the hell is this thing with conversations.  It seems to be the word of the moment.  Everybody at some stage is now having at conversation – not a chat or a discussion.  Anyway I am getting diverted.

She went on to explain that she could not sit down any longer as she had been sitting for 5 hours.  What the hell did she think we had all been doing for 5 hours?  Pilates in the aisle?  Our arses were also sore and we also would like to get up and stretch our legs.

It made me wonder why most of us just sit back and let people like this take advantage of the rest of us.  I got off the plane and she was only 3 people ahead of us in the line up and I thought “Please God let them randomly pick her for a second covid test”.  Wicked hey?  I will have to remember that for my next confession, whenever that might be.  

VIP’s – they have their own standards and their own selfish ideas and sadly you will find them everywhere – the supermarkets, the schools, planes, trains and automobiles.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Have you ever read the book In-Flight Confessions? They cover the funny, the ugly and the downright weird! I read it whenever I have an experience at the airport I need to decompress from


  2. The way you describe it makes it so funny to read 🙂 We will be waiting for the next story. You are so right about the “conversation”, that and the “Do I know you?” 🙂


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