Comb your hair

I just have to laugh sometimes – otherwise, I might cry. What is it about some people? Ugh. Give them a computer and a sign in (usually not their real name) and they get out there on social media and just get mean. What is the satisfaction for these people? Bet they would never have the guts to say it face to face. I got a comment recently on fb from a “gentleman” saying that there is no way he could trust me with his travel arrangements as I cannot even comb my hair before going on tv. Haha he is probably bald and jealous. Maybe I am just following Boris Johnson’s example and purposely ruffle up my hair before the camera switches on.

Do you remember when the Global TV staff used to read out the mean letters that they had received during the year. Oh wow – some of them were really bad. But the funny (and good) thing is that the staff could not read them aloud without laughing. I had to go back and have a look and could not stop laughing.

Then I started reading Twitter. Now I have been signed up to Twitter for quite a long time but never even bothered to open it but out of curiosity I started reading the “tweets” I think they are called. Some of them are really interesting, others are heartbreaking – especially some of the emergency room doctors I have been following. But mostly there are a lot of mean messages there too. You take your life in your hands when you enter the Twitterverse.

What did all these people do before social media? No – honestly – that is a serious question. You could always write letters to the editor but would they get published. When I worked for the editor of a newspaper in Johannesburg we used to get the same people sending in grumpy letters all the time. The editor would know these people by name “Oh, here we go!” he would say even before opening the envelope! “Another complaint from Mr Smit! C’mon Lesley, grab us a coffee and we can have a good laugh.”

And of course there have always been gossips. I’ll bet all the way back in the stone age there would be that one person who would whisper to another about Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble went to girly shows.

We all know that. It just seemed to be that gossip took a lot longer to get around and had to be passed on outside the post office based on what you saw through the window – actually what you saw as you peeped through the curtains. It was what we used to call the curtain twitch.

And that brings me to travel (wow that took her a long time I can hear you say). Social media has been both good and bad for travel. So handy to check other travellers reviews and their photos. Websites like Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor can be really useful – or really poisonous. So I guess the message is not to take too seriously anything you read on social media – and maybe comb your hair once in a while!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Fun post, Lesley! And, your hair looks great, BTW. I had a viewer suggest that I put make up on both eyes before going on live television. HA. I explained that I did have make up on both eyes and it was simply the bright sun that shifted when we went live. Got to love the opinions! Thanks for re-sharing the Global clip!


    1. Oh Sheila – I often think that the people who criticise most are those who would freeze up in front of a camera – right? I love your pictures and your make up! And your hair 🙂


  2. I love your hair and you always looks so nice. You are certainly right so much negativity today people have forgotten how to be kind.


    1. Wow thanks Faye. I am overwhelmed with the kind words I have had on this blog and thank you so much. You have convinced me that there are wonderful and kind people out there – it feels great to know this. Stay safe!


  3. You are amazing, keep your chin up!
    Love your take on things😊
    The most inspirational people are those that can rise out of adversity, and I love your hair! I have the wild look and would love the more gentrified version that you have.
    I’m even grateful for wild hair, because it is better than bald😝


  4. Your hair is Beautiful!! We absolutely love to hear your travel advice. During this unbelievable difficult time You bring the Happy to all of us. Hopefully buddy who doesn’t like your hair feels better that he can vent to you.
    Thank-you for all you have done for all of us, keep the Happy and of course your beautiful 😀👍


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