Dressing up

You know when you are going to a conference or some kind of special birthday and someone says “Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s have a fun evening where we all dress up Western/Disco/70’s/20’s or some other era. I can guarantee that there are a few members of that group who think to themselves oh no …. what am I getting into? Then there are the others who just LOVE a dress-up party. Which one are you?

I can guarantee there are those out there who just CRINGE at the idea of dressing up and then there are the others (yes please) who quite like the idea. You have to be careful though that you have the right theme – and the right date. Way back when at the Johannesburg Gliding Club they had a Hobos and Whores evening. One of our friends (let’s call him Jeff) was SO into this. He got himself looking like he had just crawled out of a ditch, complete with a black eye, torn clothes and one shoe missing. His wife did him proud. Heavy make-up, teased-up hair, very very sleazy dress and fishnet stockings. They got to the club only to discover that Jeff had mixed up the dates for the Hobos and Whores evening with the Chairman’s Annual Dance. Can you imagine the entrance they made? They all begged them to stay and Jeff was right in with that. I think it took his wife a long time to forgive him. She couldn’t even have a conversation with anyone without them bursting out laughing.

Then there are the other people who just don’t seem to understand the theme –

You can always tell the people who love dressing up! Their costumes are so good and they are really having fun like that, unlike the miserable few who are just making an effort but are not really enjoying themselves at all. It is an enviable talent to be able to dream up a good costume and carry it off.

Dress up fun at The Travel Lady Agency

So what made me think about dress up parties? Well the fact is that I will be attending one on Monday 4th April on the beautiful AmaMagna river cruise ship on the Danube. All travel industry and suppliers on board so there will be no passengers for us to embarrass ourselves in front of. The theme is Disco/70’s. I know there are going to be some very creative outfits – I have started putting the bits and pieces together for mine and am looking forward to seeing how some of my colleagues will be dressed. Nothing like seeing your cruise line rep dressed up as Freddie Mercury! It should certainly break the ice. There are a few people on this trip who I know will outdo everyone else …. looking forward to sharing their pictures with you.

In the meantime, this chap didn’t seem to quite cut it for his disco /70s/notquitesure themed party –

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. I am always game for a dressing up party, but I do need help for ideas and suggestions and best if all with everything provided with instructions.

    By the way the “Disco” theme is very popular, my aerobic class will have a disco theme for next Wednesday. I couldn’t wait to see your pictures for ideas 😊.


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