A wayward Robo-cop

First I need to explain. Robo-cop is what we call our Roomba and I bought this device in the vain hope that it would take care of all my cleaning problems. Hmmm. Having returned from a two week trip to Europe during which time I lifted not a finger, I came home to find the dust bunnies had been breeding under my bed and Robo-cop had not been following his appointed schedule. So much for technology.

You see Robo-cop is quite bright. He has avoided falling down the stairs so far but does love to chew up my charging cables if I happen to leave them lying on the floor – and then let me tell you – it is not pretty. And if he happens to run into one of My Little Ponies (my cat’s toys) well let’s just say it is a tangled tale.

I find that one of the joys of travel is not just seeing new places but not having to cook a meal, move a plate, wash a dish, make a bed or change a sheet. It is a complete and utter break so the ability to flick over that sign on the door saying “Please make up my room” is a joy without compare.

Over the years I have been surprised by housekeeping little touches that went way beyond I was expecting. One such instance was on Silversea Cruises. Our room attendant went so far as to polish my reading glasses leaving them on the table with a fresh eyeglass cleaning cloth. Goodness – now that’s service.

Even in the Serengeti after a night drive with the game ranger what a pleasure to come back to our tent (yes tent) and find our bed beautifully made up with rose petals scattered on the duvet and the mosquito net gracefully draped around protecting the bed. Now that’s the kind of camping this girl likes.

So back home it’s time for Robo Cop to do his thing. I make sure he is charged and hungry (his little tummy has been emptied out), I pickup all the loose cords, close off areas where he might get lost and set him to it. He is totally happy trundling around so I feel safe letting him do his thing while I go downstairs to tackle the galley (oops I mean kitchen – I am no longer on a ship). He does have to be checked on from time to time and gets quite sneaky. Runs down his battery without docking and then hides somewhere in the bathroom or bedroom. He loves a good game of hide and seek. I usually find him though, he is not as clever as his Australian cousin.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Oh this was fun to read Lesley! We have a Roomba ……. named her “Sonia” after this one crazy housekeeper we had years ago. She’d zoom thru the house like the cartoon tasmanian devil – lol! And, yes she does love to hide on us! (;

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