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Lost and found in hotel rooms

I was amazed to read recently that hotel rooms “lose” a lot of things to its overnight guests. I am not talking about those tiddly little bottles of shampoo and tiny soaps (that you can never open). Those are fair game as far as I am concerned. I used to regularly steal the shower caps for my friend’s mom and an extra packet of emery boards is always handy to have around. No, I am talking about HUGE things going missing. Like mattresses. Yes that’s right. Can you imagine stealing the mattress from your hotel room?

This was reported recently by CNN as follows (it’s worth a read) –

“An astonishing 49 hotels reported that mattresses had been stolen from their premises since January 2018, CEO of Wellness Heaven Tassilo Keilmann told CNN, adding it was likely hotels could have suffered multiple thefts.

“They told me that it usually happens in the night — when the reception is not open, when there is nobody there. Some of them have security camera footage showing them transporting it to the elevator,” Keilmann told CNN.

While towels, bathrobes and coat hangers were the items most frequently pilfered, guests also tried to steal bulkier or more expensive items, including tablet computers and TV sets, the survey of mostly European and Asian proprietors found.

“This was surprising to me, because it is quite easy for the hotel group to determine which person stole it, because the maid will look after checkout, and it’s easy to say this guest stole the TV or the mattress,” Keilmann added. 

Wellness Heaven surveyed 634 four-star and 523 five-star hotels, and observed a “striking difference” between the guests — researchers said TV sets, tablet computers and mattresses were stolen more frequently in five-star establishments, whereas four-star guests were more interested in batteries and remote controls.

One of the most surprising thefts, Keilmann told CNN, was a stuffed boar’s head taken from a hotel in France. “

How would you get this onto the flight?

Oh I know how – you would just have to take it back to your room and cook it somehow – wrap it up in a bit of tinfoil and it makes the perfect mid-flight snack. Think I am joking ???

Well I guess it is one thing to smuggle out a boar’s head from a hotel. But what about that mattress? Especially if you have specifically requested a king size bed! I can barely flip my mattress at home. I just can’t imagine how they got it out of the door and into the elevator but they did – and were captured in the act by security cameras.

Other weird things they reported stolen were the remote controls. Now I am not a techy person but what on earth would you do with a remote? Would you be able to configure it for your TV at home. Why? Why I ask you with tears in my eyes (laughter!!)

But it’s all OK – we take and we leave. Really strange things. Just google it and you will find endless lists ….like this one ….

  • A dead alligator.
  • “Cats. …
  • A goat dressed like Abraham Lincoln.
  • A Bible full of cat photos.
  • A suitcase full of prosthetic legs.
  • A land deed and title to land in the Scottish Highlands.
  • A bathtub full of potatoes.
  • Six full-size fully decorated Christmas trees.

But nothing beats the guest who stayed at a hotel in Stratford Upon Avon, England and left behind her alpacas …. yes…. plural….

You have to wonder what the alpacas thought of that….

What did you forget?

You know the feeling – you get home from vacation and unpack your suitcase and then you start wondering – What happened to my ………. (fill in the blanks).  It’s easy to get distracted when you are rushing to pack and make your transfer for your flight home.  However some of the things left behind in hotel rooms really make me shake my head and wonder why people even took them on vacation to begin with.

Here are some classics collected by Reddit from hotel employees –

“Ducklings. The guest said the mother had died and started looking after the ducklings herself. We found them in the bathroom. After that they were kept in someone’s office till the right people came to collect them.”

“We had this guy stay for a full week without letting housekeeping into his room. Each day we brought him new towels and new trash bags and he would meet us at the door to take them. When he left, we were terrified of what we would find, but the room was spotless. He had not touched a thing, and had even gone behind himself to clean with bleach. All the towels we brought him were folded up neatly, apparently unused. Even the bed was how we had left it. Super weird.”

And another beaut courtesy of Great Hotels of the World website.

“But it’s an hotel in the Algarve that has the strangest animal-related story. One of their guests went fishing at the hotel and came back with a shark, which he kept in the bathtub at the hotel – not realising that sharks need saltwater, not tap water. When the poor creature began to weaken, the guest apparently decided to leave it behind, giving the cleaner the fright of her life when she came in to tidy the room. The shark was promptly returned to its natural habitat, and lived what we can only hope to be a long and fulfilled life.”

It’s not just hotels – lots of strange items are left behind on planes.

Dentures, handcuffs, a box of dried fish, plus bags of sand, diamonds and onions, were also discovered by 700 international cabin crew members from 83 countries, according to the travel booking website Skyscanner.

What’s next?  Leave your head if it wasn’t screwed on????