It’s in the brochure so it must be true

Those travel brochures!  In this digital age it is amazing to me that travel brochures have remained so popular but there is no denying that they fly off the shelves as quickly as they come in.  Maybe it is the idea of three or four brochures lying on the coffee table just tempting you – or your partner.  Wow – that’s a good idea.  A subtle way of telling your loved one you are just dying to go on a romantic retreat.  Tip for the ladies – leave your favourite brochure in the washroom.  He’ll read it – I promise!

There’s an interesting trend in travel brochures these days – no prices.   Or perhaps just one price that says “from $….” which is no good at all because you know and I know that the “from” price relates to that small inside cabin tucked just under the propeller – or perhaps the tiny dark room at the resort that overlooks the cleaning crew’s parking lot.

The photos are entertaining too.   Can you rely on them?  Truth or dare?  One of my favourite websites to use is  They have their own photographers who take genuine photos of the resorts and the rooms and post them on their website.  They have even given examples of photo fake outs such as this one
So the purpose of this photo is to conjure up that feeling of a quiet serene beach.  So how long did it take them to move the chairs?
Another trick is to have a beautiful woman or a handsome man posing.  Well you know what they say – Sex sells!  So what do you do with the hot tub that looks pretty blah – put in a gorgeous hunk with a wet t shirt and a surfboard (a surfboard in a hot tub – what the heck?) and, as they say in the classics, Bob’s your uncle!
Capture 2
So why not take a leaf out of their books (‘scuse the pun).  Next time you go away on vacation use a little Photoshop on your Facebook and instagram pictures and don’t forget to pout when you take that selfie!
remember when i thought lip implants would solve all of my problems? crisis averted.

And don’t let your friends just publish photos of you on instagram until you have had a chance to edit.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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